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    I've got a ceiling to paint and just realised that the diameter of my extending 9" roller handle is slightly small (35mm) for every sleeve that I have. Can I still get the smaller internal diameter sleeve? Its not a searchable dimension on SF but everyone Ive looked at is 1.75".
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    Certainly older but not sure of brand. I'd never appreciated the differences, I reckon I've got at least three different types of handle,each completely unique and requires a different type of sleeve.
    Thanks for the lead.
  4. Wayners

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    If I'm understanding your question.

    1.5 inch which is 38mm is American roller size, and I always thought it was the old UK DIY size.


    Seems the 1.75 inch is getting more popular as the bigger UK trade sleeves find there way to places like screwfix and the diy market. Same as happening with mastics guns as some diy guns are tool small for trade tubes.

    You may find a 12 inch better with double ended cage for ceilings especially in the hot weather. Crack on and keep a wet edge..

    For what it costs just buy a 1.75 roller cage for your roller. Maybe.

    Just my thoughts. Don't know if I'm correct.
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    Wayners, I think you're bang on.
    Thanks for your advice.
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