roller nap thickness for final coat of paint

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  1. Hello,

    I think it's better if I post this question here on a new thread.

    In summary, I have walls that have been painted with 3 coats of Farrow & Ball paints. They are very even and very smooth. I need to apply a 4th coat due to technical reasons.

    Can I use a roller with short nap like 1/4" to apply this 4th coat? Or would this be too short? I want to maintain the smooth uniform surface that it currently has.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. rogerk101

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    We can't answer that without knowing why you think you need a 4th coat.
    A paint like F&B shouldn't even have needed a 3rd coat ... it normally covers well enough that 2 coats is enough, even when painting over really dark walls with lighter coloured paint ... so what is it you're wanting the 4th coat to do that the 3rd coats didn't achieve.
  3. The existing walls were very dark coloured, no undercoat was applied. I've checked with F&B and they recommend putting another coat on to be safe. There is enough paint to do, so might as well rather than waste.


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