Roof bars on a transit van?

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by dvddvd, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. dvddvd

    dvddvd Well-Known Member

    Hi looking to buy some roof bars to carry ladders and maybe long lengths of wood on top of a transit low roof SWB van.

    Can I get away with 2 roof bars or is 3 bars better when loading ladders etc

    Also I see some with a roller loading section that sticks out is this needed on a low roof van? Can the rear bar be positioned far back so as not to scratch top of doors at rear when loading?

    Any suggestions around £150 ? I see lots on eBay around that price with roller section..thanks
  2. fillyboy

    fillyboy Screwfix Select

  3. dvddvd

    dvddvd Well-Known Member

    Hi I saw them, also Van- guard Ulti bars?

    Is 3 bars better on a SWB or can you get away with 2 ? What about the rear roller?
  4. fillyboy

    fillyboy Screwfix Select

    I had two bars on a swb ****** which was more than sufficient, never had a rear roller but it sounds like an excellent idea.
  5. fillyboy

    fillyboy Screwfix Select

    My previous post appears to have been automatically edited. I suspect my abbreviation of the word Transit to a word associated with a gentleman who likes to dress as a lady may have been the cause, apologies.
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  6. dvddvd

    dvddvd Well-Known Member

    I normally put ladder onto back bars, reposition myself and then push onto van.

    My Berlingo was all scraped on top of doors and roof with doing this over years.

    I assume with the extra height of a Transit it would do it more? Seems the roller part sticks out over edge of rear roof so no chance of scraping
  7. dvddvd

    dvddvd Well-Known Member

    Thanks I think I'll try 2 bars and roller to start with. Just wondering when you push a ladder on if it will easily reach front bar before the angle becomes to much?
  8. Danny Greenwood

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