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    I have a slowly worsening leak on the top room in my house. The house was built in 2003 with a study in roof space of the house. Several years ago a faint mark appeared on the inside slope of the roof(highlighted blue). A year or so later, marks appeared above the 2 windows and then more recently significant shadow marks appeared near the chimney (highlighted red). This has spread and damp readings show figures of between 15% and 23%.

    I have called out some roofing guys and they have taken a look and applied some sealant in a few places but this has not helped at all. I have used a drone to take further pictures as attached but these don't really seem to show a clear cause. There does seem to be some faint cracks on the chimney and a few marks but I'm not convinced these would explain marks of this extent.

    Any suggestions of what to do next or possible causes would be very gratefully appreciated.

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    Our recent leaks were caused by the lead flashing. Small holes that were allowing rain in when it was driving down. That might be a useful starting point.
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    The rain is getting down the chimney pot.

    Change the flue terminal.
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    Possibly due to warm air rising and water vapour condensing at cold points on walls and chimney area. is the chimney used i.e.gets heat up it. Do you ventilate the room. Do you dry clothes in the house. Is the bathroom nearby emitting water vapour towards the room. Is the wall north/north west facing.

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