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    I'm after some advice if possible.

    I live in a detached bungalow and I'm having a problem with the front elevation as I'm getting damp in the reveals of my bay window and another window on the front bedroom.

    It was quite bad to the point a few years ago I took the plaster off as it was wet and replastered, however the problem has come back.

    It's 100% not the case water is getting though the top or the sides of the window frames as the are well sealed.

    I did have windows sealed again quite recently as I thought that may have been the problem (they were still under guarantee so the guy that done them didn't mind) anyway I showed him the problem, the damp plaster on the reveals, and even he said there was no way water was getting in through the windows, again he wasn't fobbing me off as I could see they were perfectly sealed, however he thought it could have been caused by driving rain getting through the slates and the water was running down on the top of the window frame and then running down the sides, which I think is quite plausible as there's no fabric underneath them and the other sides are fine as I had a loft conversion done several years ago so the other 3 sides of the roof were off so this front elevation was the only side of the house untouched with regards to the roof.

    Is this a possibility, what do you guys think, could this be the cause?

    He said the problem could be solved by installing some of these plastic eaves trays?

    Would this work, and if so how would I install them as it's a slate roof so I don't think I could slide them under the slates as the nails would stop this, I am right in saying this?

    I have Googled this and most opinions say to remove a few rows of slates to install them, however how hard is this to do?

    It's really the last thing a want to do but I would if this sorts things, however the joys of living in a bungalow means that they are easy to get to.

    Any info or advice would be appreciated.

  2. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Can you take pictures, is it natural slate or fibre cement board slate?

    If its the original slate roof, there may not be an underfelt. Felt supports are could as it stop pooling of water at the eaves, if the felt is bitumen it can deteriorate quickly at this section allowing water to enter.

    It really needs further investigating, roof felt is a second form of defense for a roof, there are still plenty of old roofs that don;t have any felt but still watertight.
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  3. andy1972

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    Hi really need some photos if possible. What is the construction of your property? Solid walls ? Cavity wall construction? What maters is used in the outside? Brick , block , render , pebble dash? Roof could be the issue , or could be penetrating water through the reveal , caused by mortar inthe cavity which is causing the water to travel straight across, or lack of a vertical dpc.
  4. Daniel Lawry

    Daniel Lawry New Member

    It really needs further analyzing, ceiling experienced is a second way of protection for a ceiling, there are still a lot of old rooftops that don;t have any experienced but still water tight.


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