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  1. Hi can a roofer who is a member of the "Guild of master craftsmen" certify his own work thus not needing to inform building regs. I know a "competent person member" can self cert, but am trying to determine if the former can too
  2. rogerk101

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    If you take short cuts with building controls now, they will come back to haunt you later when you try to sell or rent out your house.
  3. I don't want to take short cuts. It was a genuine question. I've been told by the roofer he can do this. I am trying to ascertain if this is correct or not. I want it done properly.
  4. Jord86

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    What particular job is he stating he can certify?
  5. I'm having the roof RE done ...old tiles off battens membrane (currently none) new batons, tiles back on. I asked if I need to apply to building regs to get the roof passed off and certified as being compliant with new standards and was told he could self certify....I don't think this is right.
  6. Jord86

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    I personally haven't heard of any certification scheme regarding a basic re-roof, or any others for that matter. As long as the guy uses breathable membrane, ventilates at ridge and eaves level (dry ridge system, vented soffit, fascia vents etc) and uses vent tiles if you have an extractor pipe going up into the roofspace then you'll be fine, provided his work is of a good standard.
  7. The new roof must comply with currant buildings I believe...they come out and check what's going to be done, then come and check it has been when it's finished, then you get a certificate Incase you sell to state it complies..??
  8. It's a three hundred year old or there Abouts property so not your every day roof...and no it's not listed before you ask, just old .
  9. Jimmycloutnail

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    He’s prob trying to avoid building control as you will be required to upgrade the thermal performance of your roof when you are renewing 50% or more of a roof this will become expensive, and the work is notifiable no matter who he is
  10. That's was what I had believed to be the case..many thanks
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  11. Met up with roofer at the weekend, he still insists no need to contact council for a b.reg application for compliance...he said its just a modernisation so I'm like ???
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    walk away fro him mate and find someone else. if you want to double check give building control at the council a call - they'll confirm what we are sating here

    repairing what's there: i.e. replacing the odd tile: fine. re-roof means building control, simples
  13. Ok.thanks very much for confirming once again.shame he seemed like a decent guy and his quote was very competitive. But I can't do something without going down the legal route, I wouldn't sleep.
  14. I suppose I could ask him if he would be offended if I applied, but I don't want to get into a situation where feathers start to get ruffled,
  15. Jimmycloutnail

    Jimmycloutnail Active Member

    Buy cheap pay twice is the motto in this game
  16. Would we say £10,000 for a new roof.(simple) was cheap !!!
  17. That was pitched not simple
  18. Jimmycloutnail

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    Depends how big the roof is!!
  19. Small detached gable at each end, up and over not a massive roof by most comparisons , probably half the height of your average semi.
  20. Jimmycloutnail

    Jimmycloutnail Active Member

    Hip? Gable? House, bungalow? slate, tile? Priced a 100m/2 re roof recently and was close to 30k as thermal performance needed to be upgraded to current regs as it was priced correctly with building control involvement

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