Roofing question: which sealant to use to epdm (Sarnafil) roofing?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Apteryx, Oct 8, 2021.


which sealant to use to repair flashings of Sarnafil epdm roofing?

  1. Any roofing sealant is fine on any epdm

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  2. You need to use a Sarnafil brand-specific sealant

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  3. You can use any epdm sealant

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  1. Apteryx

    Apteryx New Member

    Can anyone give me a steer please? We have a 4 year old grey Sarnafil roof and one of the seals around the flashing is leaking into our kitchen where some creature seems to have chewed/pecked the sealant away (see photo). From what I can see online, epdm seems to need a specific sealant (and perhaps different brands need different sealants??) but I can't work out which. Any advice very welcome.

    You can see the original sealant the roofers put in which cracked a bit and my builders added some other sealant over the top. I asked my original roofer but he got very defensive when I said there was a leak (all I wanted was some advice) and he won't return my calls or emails now :(.

    Thanks so much. Phil


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