Rosette Gas Fire

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Glad its Friday, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Glad its Friday

    Glad its Friday Active Member

    Morning All,
    Got a faultly control knob, it wont let gas through.
    But trying to find a spare part is difficult.  There is no GC number on the data plate and I cannot find them anywhere.  Nor can my supplier.
    Anyone come across them  - many thanks
  2. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    Get a new fire, Its not worth the hassle, they don't cost enough to spend too much time on. They seem to go out of production in no time and then parts aren't available any more.
  3. Niceone7

    Niceone7 New Member

    Any appliances with faulty parts are classed as I.D expecially if the parts can not be bought for that model. Any appliance without the M.I instructions or data plate is also classed as I.D. I would not take any chances on using a gas appliance with broken parts. Any gas registared installer would disconnect it from the gas supply i know i would along with a do not use label. As peter said not worth the hassel get rid off.
  4. Glad its Friday

    Glad its Friday Active Member

    After some detective work, it turns out the fire was made by Town and Country Fires.  All the parts needed are now on order so we should have it up and running soon.

    "Any appliances with faulty parts are classified as ID ...or without MI's"  Err, I don't think you are right there nice1

    But I did cap it off.
    Thanks for your responses anyway.
  5. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    Glad to hear you found the company and can get the parts. Great job.

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