Rothenberger olive splitter

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Dick Puller, May 4, 2010.

  1. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

  2. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    hi DP,
    haven't got that one.
    I have the monument one about £20 and is good bit of kit.
    Also got one from todays tools and is in some ways better as it does 15 and 22mm whereas the monument you need 1 for each size
  3. redwill

    redwill New Member

    by the mounmount they do 15/22 and work really well without damaging the pipe, very easy to use,
  4. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    The rothenberger olive splitter is nice tool,but i prefer the todays tools it does all sizes so better tool to carry
  5. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Buy the olive cutter for 15mm, much quicker and easier. The monument one otherwise for 15/22.
  6. GKU

    GKU New Member

    Has anyone got a web address for "todays tools" guys , cheers :)
  7. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    your right there tony I prefer that to.
    when I got it thought it wouldn't work very well (going inside the pipe as it does) and was cheap but was pleasantly surprised and prefer it to monument one now

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