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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Pikerray, May 2, 2009.

  1. Pikerray

    Pikerray Member

    I live in glorious Essex and about to get a couple of quotes to fit 16 x American Oak door linings, architraves and Internal Doors which will include all door furniture.

    I will expect all door lining fixings to be covered over in Oak pellets and finished off so no screws are showing.

    What can I expect to pay labour only ?
  2. gti

    gti New Member

    about a grand mate.thats plus for th vat reg lads
  3. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    a grand,for 16 door casings,16 doors,and 32 sets of arc.too cheap that.
    2 grand i would say.
  4. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Bluddy hell Dirtydoo you've changed your pricing. I thought you'd quote a bag of licorice allsorts and a go on his Chopper ;)
  5. Trog

    Trog New Member

    Yep, a grand is way too cheap. Quoted over a grand to supply and fit 13 4 panel flushdoors including hardware in existing frames.
  6. Trog

    Trog New Member

    2 grand's not too bad but even that seems a little light because it's oak and it has to be left to a damn good finish.
  7. Pikerray

    Pikerray Member

    I can understand that price say a year ago but under the current climate and work hard to find there's no way I would pay a couple of grand!!!
  8. dunc

    dunc New Member

    I would say around 2k. I would want to make sure the linings are going into a decent frame, so there could be extra work getting them right. It might need a mate for handling the doors.

    I think I'd probably be looking at two weeks to do it justice. Certainly can't throw it all in in less than a week.
  9. kat_1

    kat_1 New Member

    in this current climate the good ones have got work,my day rate went up last week as it does every april, all depends what type of finish you want, polished hardwood or painted,you'll get what you pay for
  10. Trog

    Trog New Member

    way I would pay a couple of grand!!!

    PARASITE !!!
  11. Trog

    Trog New Member

    Pikeray, can I ask what job you do ?
  12. Pikerray

    Pikerray Member

    PARASITE !!!

    No not really, why shouldn't I take advantage of the current climate, I'm sure you have, and lets face it tradesman take advantage all the time with young schoolboy labourers because their cheap labour.

    Anyway back to the question I would not be paying 2 grand which equates to 125 pounds per casing/door/architrave which a good chippie could do in about 3 hours.
  13. Trog

    Trog New Member

    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
  14. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    2K sounds a very fair price.

    So what job do you do?
  15. earl e finish

    earl e finish New Member

    At £1000 i believe the heading 'Rough Price' might be very apt!
  16. earl e finish

    earl e finish New Member

    £2000 is more realistic mate.
  17. Pikerray

    Pikerray Member

    Just had the first quote through, £1450, think I can get him down a bit, wait and see what the second one comes in at.
  18. Piratejoiner

    Piratejoiner New Member

    You`ll be able to get it cheaper .

    Go to your local newsagent and look in the window for handy man service, probably does light removals laminated flooring etc ....just dont moan @ him when he makes an ars3 of it though

    pay peanuts get monkeys
  19. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    bang on . current climate /cheap price.betcha your oak doors an frames weren't cheap,or did you knock the price down on that as well.
    if you want a quality job go with a recommendation not a cheap price may end up paying twice to have it done right
  20. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    just because he might get someone to do this cheap,it doesn't mean he is going to get a bad job.a good chippy might not have a lot of work on at the moment,could do this in 8 days for lets say £1400 cash.every bodies happy

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