Roughly Cut Kitchen Worktop - Butt Joint - Sealant?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by brighton86, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. brighton86

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    Hello again,

    You all offered great advice regarding the laminate floor so thought I'd ask for some advice on our worktop joints...

    Firstly, the kitchen was fitted by my brother in law free of charge (who's generally quite handy but not a kitchen fitter). No mean comments please. He really helped us out at a time of need.

    I have been trying to fill the joint with colorfill but after three attempts I'm not sure its going to work. It just keeps cracking and popping out. I have just dug it out and attached a picture of how it current looks. It is pretty level but the cut is rough.

    I came across a random post from about 10 years ago saying to use a water based white sealant. Tape off either side of the joint, use a profile tool to get a flat finish. Would this work?

    I appreciate there are other options like taking it all out and using join bars, but I'm initially looking at the quick fix options as taking it all out would involve a lot of work (you can't see in the pictures but its tiled over wall side and sealed in).

    Thanks for any (kind) advice.

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  2. CGN

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    is it cracking because the joint is moving?
  3. brighton86

    brighton86 New Member

    Good question. I can't notice any movement when I try move it by hand. It was fitted 9 months ago so I'd hope any natural movement would have finished by now.

    I read quite a few people have this issue with colorfill but did also see many positive reviews about it.
  4. CGN

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    There is a bit of a knack trying to fill bigger gaps with it. Try and let it go off for a bit longer, then carefully scrape off the excess, rather than just using the solvent. Only use this to ‘detail’ it and don’t go along the direction of the joint as you’ll pull it back out.
  5. kitfit1

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    I don't think Colorfill is the best solution to be honest. Tenax would be a better solution, it's also available in white. It's a 2 part resin that's well capable of filling a gap that size.
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