roughly how long to tile 15 square mts

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by plumberstool, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. plumberstool

    plumberstool New Member

    Im pricing for a job new toilet suite next to bathroom,
    the customer wants the tiles brickwork and there is 15 square mts, they are 385 x 600 and a window to tile round roughly how long would it take in days tile and grout this? i will take out toilet and existing tiles chopped off and walls to be made good ready, am i far out at 2/3 days thanx
  2. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    Depends on your speed I could do it in 3 days but I have become a lot quicker with experience.
  3. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    days? i was thinking 4hrs to lat em and 2 to grout on a seperate day
  4. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

  5. jizzard_of_oz

    jizzard_of_oz New Member

    4 hours for 15 sq meters??? you on your second pint or summit?

    read it again....i think youve read it as a floor not walls.....and if youve read it as walls i wouldnt like to see your work unless you have 15 monkeys working for you all triping over each other then i would like to see, would make a good comedy
  6. MPR Tiling

    MPR Tiling New Member

    4 hrs for 15 sq m.????
    Bet they look good when you've done it that fast !!!

    What are you .....a *octupus??
    You need at least 2 days to fit, plus half a day to grout & finish off.

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  7. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i didnt read about window so 6 hrs. This would be with a labourer to mix wash buckets etc. If the walls are out 8hrs but flat walls would take 6hrs to lay and 2 to grout. They are big tiles and go on fast and flat. Stop drinkinking tea and get yer finger out. I do a full bathroom in 2 1/2 days + grouting walls and floors which is norm about 30=35 m so 15m is a doddle
  8. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    2 days to fit? so 16hrs that would be 1 tile every 14 min thats slow for a cut around the corner of the window never mind a full tile. get yer finger out
  9. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    Why does this forum attract cowboy cretins who think they are faster and better than everybody else.
    More Appropriate name Bodge it and scarper the only fast thing about these is an old clapped out Transit van which disappears fast in a cloud of smoke never to return.
    I get a lot work ripping out their shoddy work, fast my ****.
  10. jizzard_of_oz

    jizzard_of_oz New Member

    <----agrees with above
  11. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    600mm x 385mm Tiles are big, they aren't going to be any quicker to install than standard size tiles, in fact, quite often these big tiles take a lot longer to fit.

    Off the top of my head, I would have to say 3 days maximum to tile, grout and clean up tiles.

    That would be an Estimate for a Professional to do the work though.
  12. Ghost-1

    Ghost-1 Active Member

    Thats rules out chip of the block then
  13. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i have fully read it again. Are you guy llowing for all the prep ie takaing old off making good removing toilet etc because if you are then spot on but i am just on about turning up and starting to tile straight away. I aint a cowboy and never will be.
  14. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    I agree completly with bath style, larger tiles equal more time.
  15. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i only think that large tiles take longer if there is alot of cuts but other than that i think that they go as quick if not quicker in my experiences. guess it all depends how it works out and if the floor/walls are good. i know if the wall is bad then large format is a nightmare
  16. jizzard_of_oz

    jizzard_of_oz New Member

    how long would it take you to tile my dog kennel? don't think i would let you tile in my house
  17. gregorz

    gregorz New Member

    chip off the block u must be a cowboy ,where is ur horse
  18. sav00lips

    sav00lips New Member

    give chip a break as we all no there are many points that affect time it takes and hes always given correct and good advice answer to question were not phsic just do it man
  19. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    cheers sav00lips. Dunno why im getting called a cowboy for quoting a quicker time than others.
  20. wwwdot

    wwwdot New Member

    I know a tiler who would do that in a day easily and grout it the next day in a couple of hours. Whats more I wouldn't be able to find fault with it. Price ? bloody expensive!. I have seen bathroooms that have been tiled by so called pro's in a a day and to be honest if I was the customer I wouldn't pay them. The difference between individuals can be vast. Unless you have seen chip's work you can't comment let alone **** him off.

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