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    Am trying to put together a rough budget for getting our floor tiled and would be grateful if anyone can give a rough budget range. I know people like to see a project before quoting, which I completely understand, but this is just to give me an idea of approximate cost before I waste any ones time getting them round.

    So a little information:

    Approx 50m2 area - one large 'L' shaped room. Currently empty (kitchen will be installed after tiled). Two door thresholds.
    Being installed over a screeded floor with wet under floor heating (so would like dittra matting installed).

    Screed is to SR1 (I have checked) and I can prime it ready.

    Will supply a porcaline tile (10x750x750 regularised), but would like adhesive, dittra, adhesive and grout supplied by tiler, as I know everyone has their own preferences.

    Project is in the south east.



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