Round window in existing wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Kirby Castle, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Kirby Castle

    Kirby Castle New Member

    Garage conversion - customer wants round window in existing wall. Hints, tips and ideas for fitting.
  2. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    A big Core drill! :^O
  3. wood butcher

    wood butcher New Member

    go to a hole saler lol.
  4. Kirby Castle

    Kirby Castle New Member

    great sense of humour guys.
    anyone care to add to the fun AND suggest something?
  5. gazza2

    gazza2 New Member

    would have thought this would be fairly simple
    get window made by Double glazing shop ( makes it their problem to get it right)
    put a lintel above it to support the wall above ( if required)
    draw a circle on the wall, to take window, drill round the outside with 13mm drill making loads of holes
    join holes with club hmmer & chisel / SDS drill
    fit window, make good
  6. Measure2cut1

    Measure2cut1 New Member

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