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    what are the best make of router bits and jigsaw blades for cutting laminate worktops i have seen some jigsaw blades on ebay made in germany i think especially for kitchen fitters
  2. There are several good makes of router cutters and jigsaw blades but my personal choice is Trend router cutters and bosch jigsaw blades.

    Ray Brock
  3. robbienobbie

    robbienobbie New Member

    I use freud replaceable tip router bits (£8.50 a pair)and bosch 101D jigsaw blades
  4. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    i was given a kitchen fitters router set to try for free the quality was very very good i didnt actualy have a worktop to trim with the 50mm flush trim bit so fitted it in my router table and used it to plane up and square rough sawn oak it worked a treat

    i f the jigsaw blades are the same quality as the saw blades of which i have bought several then the value for money will be excelent

    big all


    for the jigsaw blades i buy from howdens (downcut) they are 1st class every time no splaying out at all. as for the router bits i use the screwfix ones box of 3 for £16 again 1st class never had problem.
  6. Bosch for jigsaw blades.

    Trend or Freud for router cutters.

    Freud saw blades for my cross-cut saw.
  7. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    Anyone used the Starret Dual cut jigsaw blades?
    Are they any good?
  8. Starret make excellent band saw blades so I imagine that their jigsaw blades will be of similar quality.
  9. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    Thanks Ex, I know that Starret make great holesaws and have used them for years now but I was reading about this new dual jig blade they do that leaves splinter free finishes on both faces and wondered if anyone here had used them yet. Also wanted to know if you had to remortgage to buy a pack.
  10. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    i've used the jigsaw blades on melamine board didn't think the finish was that good to be honest the really fine cut bosch one is better, can't remember the number of the top of my head!
  11. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    Thanks for the opinion evo. I'll kick that one in the haed then and continue with the fine cuts.
  12. Cutting Melamine

    Cutting Melamine New Member


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  13. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    You're hardly an impartial advisor Melamine being as you invented the *. I've never used them I'm just letting the posters know where you're coming from.

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  14. fuster

    fuster New Member

    I've used the starrets blades and while I can understand the principle behind them and why they should work, I agree with evo nut that the bosch fine blades work better, especially if it's only one side that you need to be perfect, which is usually the case. It's not about blaming the tools because both of us can obviously get the results using the bosch blades; it's about using the right tools.
  15. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Just thought I'd stick my pennorth in,,, The Starett dual cut blades are designed for use with worktops really, so using them on melamine board of unknown thickness , isn't really a good test of whether they work or not. Looking at the design of the blade, I'd reckon they were supposed to be used on worktops, at least something with a bit of thickness to it. Look at it this way, whats the total stroke on your jigsaw? Thats what the blade is designed to accomodate. Say your blade has a stroke of 40mm, It's no good using these blades for something only 15-18mm thick. BTW I have never used these blades yet , but the next worktop I have to do a cutout on I will get some and let you know what I think.
    Maybe I'm talking * at this time of night but give them a chance.



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  16. usm

    usm New Member

    Maybe I'm missing the point here but why would you want a good cut both sides of a worktop with a jigsaw. For me, a jigsaw is used for cutting out hobs and sinks and maybe scribing the back of the worktop to the wall, it's just not accurate enough for mush else.
    None of these uses require a clean cut on both sides, if I need a straight cut or a clean cut both sides then for me it's a skil saw or a router for the job.
    It seems like if they're designed for cutting the worktop clean on both sides they've kind of invented a square wheel, surely what we need is a blade than cuts both sides of melamine cleanly. That to me seems a more useful product.
  17. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    bosch jigsaw blades for me, router bits for tops I find the screwfix ones fine, saw blades CMT,Freud or Festool, SDS bits any reputable make, planer blades CMT, spade bits Bosch Self Drill, holesaws Bosch Bi-Metal, for me Multimaster I use the Bosch ones now, pilot and under 10mm drill bits Axminster
  18. mrmitreman

    mrmitreman New Member

    tried them all.trend replaceable very good,versofix replaceable,absolutley unbeatable,trust me,use them once u wont go back.u can get them from wealdentool
  19. usm

    usm New Member

    It would seem starret claim their dual cut blades are suitable for melemine shelves etc, so not just thicker materials like worktops. Might be tempted to give them a go and see what I think for myself.


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