routing curves on worktops

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Well Done Award, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Given the OP's user name coupled with the the non-specific querie, I think you deserve it for thinking out of the box when all others were trapped within it.
    Well done, you.
  2. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    We still don't know the answer to the question of whether it's laminate or not.
  3. PhilSo

    PhilSo Screwfix Select

    Maybe it's solid wood laminated with Olive branches.
    You don't make it easy, do you Chippie


    I'll buy the first round
  4. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I'd prefer a Merlot.
  5. PhilSo

    PhilSo Screwfix Select

    Merlot it is

    Just tolerant professionals.

    Shouldn't have said professional. Now you're gonna slam me.
  6. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    This is true. Greys, blacks etc you can get a very reasonable finish to it.

    Lights and woodgrains, it looks terrible.
  7. Well Done Award

    Well Done Award New Member

  8. Well Done Award

    Well Done Award New Member

    Sadly it’s a 28mm laminate with a half rounded front edge that the customer has already bought to terminate over a half round cabinet.

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