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  1. Suddy

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    Hi there I’m a self employed joiner with small workshop 50ft x 25ft there is 3x wooden beams 9”x4” 25ft long supporting the tin roof, these beams have probably been up for 40 years, now my question is what’s the smallest rsj I can replace it with, building regs doesn’t really matter as it’s my personal workshop only me goes in there. Surely a similar size rsj would work? Maybe 8”x4” I only want to replace as the old ones are rotted, the tin roof consists of 5”x2” timber with tin sheeting on top, not a lot of weight really.
    Just tried to upload a photo but says file is too large
    Any info I will take on board please
  2. Severntrent

    Severntrent Active Member

    Google structural steel Blue Book. From this publication you will be able to determine suitable RSJ sizes depending what loading you feel is appropriate. Whilst the actual weight of the roof might not be great and you are not bothered about building regs you may want to consider the extra loading due to snow/ access requirements
  3. kiaora

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    It may cost less to ask a Structual engineer, and not over do the job ?
    Say it’s not for building control, and your risk.

    Maybe timber with a flech plate ! Easier to install ?

    Good luck

  4. Suddy

    Suddy New Member

    Yes just don’t want the timbers eventualy snapping I know it may never happen but always better being safe then sorry, I did ask a local steel yard and they said I would need something around 18” because of the distance it covers, he said that was to building regs I know, just trying to work out what I’d get away with now in rsj, surely a 8” one would carry more than the equivalent one in wood? I think a structural engineer would be a good shout mate. Just don’t want to put something up and it really bending under is own weigh because then I wouldn’t be really achieving anything.

  5. Jimbo

    Jimbo Well-Known Member

    I recently had some steels designed, cost was £150 per steel (for the design).

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