Rude staff at abingdon branch

Discussion in 'Screwfix Trade Counters' started by Nilaus, Jun 10, 2019 at 5:49 PM.

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    As trade and using multiple screwfix branches on a daily basis I experience a lot of friendly over counter staff who chat, make me coffee and couldn’t put themselves out enough. Unfortunately this has not been the case in abingdon where I have popped in during the middle of the day, the public counter is busy and I have used the trade counter. No, I am not a plumber or electrician, but have been a carpenter and general builder for over 15 years. I manage 20 staff throughout the year and like to think of myself as a reasonable human being. I also operate with several trade accounts at other merchants.

    When it has become apparent that I am not a qualified plumber or electrician, the tone of a certain member of staff has then changed to what I can only describe as billittling, blunt and rude. I refrained from mentioning how many other areas I am qualified in.

    I understand measures need to be taken to ensure that not everyone just walks in and uses the trade counter. Seems to me an ounce of common sense should be applied to this too.

    Why I seem to get along in every other screwfix branch except this one seems to be a mystery to me. I will now actively avoid using this branch in particular.

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