Rude staff at abingdon branch

Discussion in 'Screwfix Trade Counters' started by Nilaus, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    In the likes of screwfix, toolstation or indeed any wholesalers, its those whom ask for advice that annoy me the most.
    They hold the queue up.
  2. darren jackson

    darren jackson Active Member

    ok let me get this right,
    besides the belittling,blunt and rude reception you received, (sounds just like when i go home)
    you were at the wrong counter, i was always led to believe it was a trade counter for qualified plumbers and electricians hence plumbfix and electrifix,
    you have to be one of those to use the special needs counter,
    you said that you are a carpenter and general builder but not a qualified plumber or electrician there s your answer,
    you mention that you are qualified in other areas any of them plumbing or electrical,
    ive been at the plumfix/electricfix counter on lots of occasions when counter staff have asked a customer are you a qualified plumber or electrician,
    if not you have to go next door, if you are you are invited to become a member proving your said qualifications,
    I agree with you generally the staff are brilliant friendly and polite, i go to four stores on a regular basis they are all a credit to screwfix
  3. Amanda Helm

    Amanda Helm New Member

    Sympathise with you. I am on Day 2 of my COMPLAINT against the BRANCH MANAGER AT WARMINSTER.
    Had an acknowledgement email and been told that I will be contacted shortly. No other response but I will keep you posted. I have posted on the Screwfix forum and requested people to support the thread. Still can't find the complaints policy and as far as I can see the issue is a clear case of a manager being 'trained' by Screwfix to misunderstand the law and apply it without discretion or thought.
    As there does not appear to be a legal address or complaint process to follow I will be keeping you fully informed.
  4. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    Personally I'm not a qualified plumber but was invited to use plumbfix for the simple reason that I made a number of visits where I bought plumbing bits and pieces ;) rather a large selection as I needed to do rather a lot. I'd assume if I had also bought all of the electrical fittings I have bought over the same period they would have mentioned electrofix as well. Significantly cheaper elsewhere.

    So asked the obvious question - would stuff be cheaper. Answer no but service can be quicker and more suited to larger orders. So lost interest. If people want to use it - probably an unmarked door by the usual counter.

    The thing that gets me when I go to TS or SF is the number of people browsing the catalogue. I always sort out the stock numbers before I go. Can be tricky using screwfix's search. Was a piece of pea on toolstation's web pages and then some one rewrote their search software but at least it's possible to bring up catalogue pages so just pick an item the search brings up that is in the right area and use that to get at the catalogue pages which for some reason they have also made harder to read. ;) This way I go straight to the service queue which generally isn't very long.

    To be honest I often use dedicated trade suppliers as well but we are rather well blessed with them around here. Main problem with those is that as the owners retire they sometime go or get bought up by a chain. Still enough left and some times a better place to go for several reasons.

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  5. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    As a continuation my first first trading with Sf was all mail order,everything delivered absolutely ok correct no problems. great stuff.

    Back in that vintage day sf opened a trade counter at southall, The staff were local and had an advantage of life experience to be able to sort out many customers inquiries. Now not being in the trade so much ( now an influence advisory).

    Have been back there (12 yers laterish) and met some of the original staff,absolutely the best customer services people.

    sf please you are trying to be a trade couunter (with no advice) and an open shop with worse technicial information

    i reckon sf counters have had their time But employ the mature experienced staff and i will buy some shares
  6. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    been out on dates with some lovely ladies at sf trade counter staff,sorry lads ;)


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