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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by welshnormski, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. welshnormski

    welshnormski New Member

    we have started letting out a holiday cottage in St Ives -its the 2 stories over a "net Loft". Just noticed "rust stains" around mains socket & a "run stain" from a metal wall light - painted these over with a few coats of water stain sealer so it mostly hidden.
    Its newly refurbished & not damp (full survey was OK).
    Would appreciate any thoughts on this.
  2. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    I would find the cause of the rust and remove or replace it, and then as you have done overpaint with a sealer.
  3. Goodwill

    Goodwill Member


    What has convinced you these are "rust stains"? Are they brown so you have, therefore, assumed rust?

    The stain which you described as a "run stain", was (is) this brown and sticky, even slightly, to the touch? Were these walls painted with a water borne paint or an oil paint following the refurbishment? Was making good carried out around these electrical boxes at a very late stage, say; just before painting?
  4. Just-trying

    Just-trying New Member

    you got me Goodwill if yes is the answer to all the questions, what is the problem
  5. welshnormski

    welshnormski New Member

    Thanks for replies - I posted this am;but it seems to have disappeared.Anyway,the wall in question is stone & plastered/painted & all decoration finished before we bought it.Where light fitting circular base touches it is rusting-the drip/run was about 8 inches long,dry to touch.The marks around socket extend to max of couple inches (irregular) also this is the only area in cottage that has flakey paint.
    Also,read on other forum,"not to use metal back boxes in cellar- as they rust": can't investigate further as cottage booked for a few more weeks.
  6. Goodwill

    Goodwill Member


    All "is dry" you say, so possibly making good was carried out around these electrical outlets and then painted before the plaster had fully hydrated and had chance to dry, thereby staining the paint and causing it to flake.

    I suggest that you scrape off the flaked paint back to the bare plaster and a firm edge regarding the paintwork, rub down, dust off and apply a coat of sharp undercoat, or your stain block if suitable for water-soluble stains, before touching up and blending in the wall paint. For a better job it's best to face fill the edges of the surrounding paintwork, then when dry rub down lightly to feather off.

    If the plaster is friable come back to this thread.

    Regarding this "rust stain", is this 'light fitting' made of metal and fitted to an outside wall? Any chance of mild condensation causing this problem? Give it a close inspection. You might just take a look inside the boxes to check their condition: have they been damaged and showing any signs of rust, unlikely I would have thought?

    What's this you say about a cellar? I thought you said that the property was two stories over a "net loft"?
  7. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    Good to see the Welsh Wizard has returned with another mun

    IWS: Its Welsh Screwfixer :)
  8. welshnormski

    welshnormski New Member

    Sorry for cellar/net loft confusion. The cellar bit included as someone said don't use metalclad sockets boxes in a "damp" cellar.I've stains around the socket ie rust & damp;but the place is "high up" so it shouldn't be.
    The flakey wall says it may be damp(?) but the wet plaster idea may be the answer.
    Thanks for all the help.

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