Rusting angle beads and separating caulk

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Mmi, Mar 28, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    Over the last year or so paint on our windows ledges have started to flake off revealing rusting angle beads. At the same time caulk around the window has been separating from the wall and window frame, but only in the bottom corners and only say 10cm or so high.

    This is happening on almost all ours windows. At the same time we have been getting damp come through from two windows in the bottom corners (not the ones in the photo), which was from incorrectly fitted windows - and I managed to fix it with thanks to people on here :D - ( some reason I cant find my old thread for it :( )

    Part of me think its related, all windows fitted badly and so water coming in around the window and into the bricks and plaster and rusting the beads and caulk. However there is no signs of damp on the walls for these windows, only two windows actually shown signs of wetness (with salts pushing through the paint) but not the ones in the photos.

    separating caulk photos
    IMG_20210328_190423.jpg IMG_20210328_190440.jpg IMG_20210328_190332.jpg

    rust photos
    IMG_20210328_190326.jpg IMG_20210328_190414.jpg IMG_20210328_190457.jpg IMG_20210328_190508.jpg

    Im going to remove the flaking paint and peel back the caulk, paint the rusty bits with some BIN and recaulk and paint, but im not sure if this is signs of a bigger problem?

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