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    I would like to section out the central heating in my house

    Currently when a put central heating on the whole house comes on even the conservatory underfloor heating.
    I have been told i require a S plan heating system where i put 2 port valves in.
    I want to have 3 zones.
    1 upstairs, 1 downstairs and 1 for conservatory.

    I already have one 2 port valve which has like a thermostat coming out from But when i turn that thermostat off central heating doesn't come on.

    What i want to know is what material will a need to do the S plan system. Will i need to open floor boards and play about with them . Or can it be all done from like my garage where all pipework runs from?

    I have attached a few pictures for clarity, this is only for me conservatory underfloor heating.
    I only have one thermostat controls all house.

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    zoning the UFH is easy, just a zone valve, timer and stat - which might fit adjacent to the manifold

    rather than messing about creating zones for the main house, why not just replace the radiator valves with intelligent radiator - these can be programmed to create a heating profile for each room

    there's also a little USB device that plugs into your PC, and an application that allows you to create a profile by dragging and dropping - and then wireless upload to the stat

    plenty of smart stats available

  3. There is a lot involved in that, you need 2 separate flow & returns for each zone & a pair for uf

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