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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by gibbsy09, Sep 13, 2021.

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    Hi I am going to be doing a fresh sowing of grass seed on my lawn, I have beed riddling and cleaning the soil, only trouble is, removing the stones has also removed alot of the volume, and I may not have enough soil, so I have some sand, that is pretty fine and I was thinking of mixing the soil and sand equally, by using a full Barrow of sand, and a full Barrow of soil, mixing both together on the ground 50/50, or should it be another formula eg 70/30 or something like that, would this be ok to do in our UK climate, lastly can anyone recommend where to get good grass seed, Thanks.
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    You’ll read lots of conflicting stuff on this and people telling you that you can only use agricultural grit/sand as builders and sharp contains salt. I honestly don’t know if that’s true but think it unlikely as generally salt and mortar / concrete wouldn’t be knowingly mixed.
    What I would say is feel free to add a few shovel fulls of sharp (not building) to your soil. It will help it drain. 50/50 is way to high though. If you’re really short of soil then buy a jumbo of topsoil. Currently around £70 where I am.
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    A lot will depend on the composition of your existing soil and what you're hoping to achieve with your lawn - croquet every evening or mow it when it suits you to keep it tidy and stop losing the cat. Grass will grow in pretty much anything but a nice even tilth in a slightly sandy loam would be nice.
    Too sandy and it won't retain any nutrients - not enough sand and it won't drain.
    If you just want a bog standard lawn just chuck your sand in - it will be an improvement on the stones you're removing.
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    And as for where to buy grass seed just go on eBay. Don’t buy anything in one of those tiny branded boxes. Look for a proper grass seed supplier. Plenty ton there. I forget who I normally use. Chances are you’ll just want a bog standard hard-wearing / family lawn mix. Plenty on there think I pay about £25 for a 5kg bag.
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    Got some from from Boston seeds, 2kg bag £12 but delivery was dear lol, I'll let you know how I get on with them, cheers.

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