Sand cement "decorative" wetroom rendering! HELP please!

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Basketcase, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Basketcase

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    image.jpg image.jpg Ok, merry xmas and happy new year everyone first of all!

    I am in "that" place where you wish you had started bashing your head against a wall BEFORE starting "that" project which is way out of your league... Long story short: not much money>opportunity to build a studio in a humongous space with in my means arises> "just needs some work" > "so far so good" quickly turns into "cold hard reality check" > 3months in and i spent xmas eve sanding a table and new years eve plaster boarding the bathroom to be, because time is running out and money HAS run out...

    Now past admitting defeat and pushing on with what ever means remain.

    The current halt see's me working out what to do with the bathroom and shower walls... No money for tiles but vast amounts of sand, cement, ballast, pva, eva and sbr and some rubberised bituminous tanking left over... See where this is going?

    So, saw "raw" sand cement render in a bathroom a while back and figured that might be an ok option.

    Bathroom first: CAN I RENDER NEW PLASTER BOARD WITH SAND CEMENT? Using sbr as bonding and tanking?

    Next up shower:
    Stripped off three layers of tiles back to bare plaster with a bit of paint on, paint seems solid... Very little to no flaking, so a fairly solid substrate i should think... Walls are one external brick, one internal breeze/ cement block and one boxed off ply section. Question again is; how can i render that in sand cement? Again, ok to bond and tank with sbr and render as usual?

    Any advice or instructions hugely appreciated!!

    All the best and thanks in advance for any replies!

  2. Basketcase

    Basketcase New Member

    No one...? Would really make my start into the new year alot easier if someone could find it within them selves to share a few pointers...
  3. You cant sand/cement render over p/b
  4. Hi Basketcase.

    I was hoping someone like Cots would answer with the unwanted answer first...

    I don't have the full details of this sort of job myself, but think it runs a bit as follows; as Cots has said, 'no' to sand/cement render on p'board. So that would have to be all pulled off first. And common sense would say "don't do it" to this as you've already done the bulk of the work already - and it looks pretty nifty to me.

    So, p'boarded areas - chust skim them as you should. I mean, how much is a bag of plater? A few squid.

    As for the 'bare' block areas - yes, you can render on there if you like, provided you have a suitable surface on which to do so. I simply don't know what you'd need to do with the painted parts first, but I guess there must be a solution such as priming with summat and throwing on sand as a 'key' for the render. But someone else will need to advise on this.

    As for the plywood'd parts, as far as I know this needs a SS mesh stapled on first to 'take' the render which is then effectively self-supporting. Sounds weird, but that's how the exterior of my house was done with the loft extension; membrane, mesh and render. It's still hangin' there...

    And, before you start doing things that you've seen but have never actually done yourself before, are you sure you want a bare render finish in your room? Ok, it ain't rocket science getting a good finish with render, but there is a 'technique', and you really need to 'know' it and be comfortable with it before akshully undertaking it.

    Whether it's sensible has to be your call. If you decide to go for it, hopefully others on here can guide you; I only know the very basics.
  5. Jitender

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    If you don't tile the risk areas i.e the shower and around the bath etc, and the water gets past the render then the plasterboard will be ruined.
  6. Tile backer board ?
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  7. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Yes, forget any form of plaster, just use tile board as stated.

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