Sandtex masonry paint bubbling?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by jamie of campbell, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hans_25

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    Couple of coats of stablising solution first to ensure the paint adheres properly, but looks like there could be moisture getting in the blocks somehow.
  2. Yes it does, doesn't it... Maybe some type of sealer?

  3. cleggie

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    masonary paint will stick to most surfaces.the only probs is if no prep is done.make sure its clean no oil or dirt etc first also the surface must be completely dry
  4. Hans_25

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    Could simply be due to the paint no adhering properly, stablising solution (properly applied) should sort that.
  5. DIYDave.

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    What are the blocks sitting on and guess lightweight block construction ?

    Porcelain patio looks fantastic, as does the overall design but those bbq blocks are soaking up water/rainfall
    from somewhere

    May only be a simple block built bbq area but still needs planning before 1st block is laid to prevent water soaking up from base blocks, rising up through blocks then blowing paint off as it escapes outwards

    Think engineering bricks for base and DPM, then blocks

    Seems overkill but now you’ve got a damp problem

    I’m only diy, see what others think
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  6. Astramax

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    Water ingress and moisture retention problem..................damp.
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  7. KIAB

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    A DPC is essential in any wall in the garden,whether freestanding,bbq,bar,etc,to stop moisture being soaked up in wall, but seldom done.
  8. Hi all, it's just built on the actual patio flags... I didn't realise moisture would travel upwards.

    Anything I can do to at least minimise it?

    I should of had it built on bricks or a DP, but not much I can do now.

    Plastic trim around the bottom like a skirting board?

    Some magic paint?

    I know I've messes up or the guy I paid to do it, but must be something :)

    Please help :)
  9. My post above :) ^ can you help?
  10. DIYDave.

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    Patio looks great (from my phone anyway)

    So did a pro do the patio, bbq, etc ?

    Rain is landing on the tile planks, hopefully there’s a slope away from house to drain water but water is clearly soaking into base layer of blocks plus, what’s it built on ?

    Guess it’s not sitting on tiles but what ? Concrete strip foundation / hardcore / soil / etc /?

    Anyway, that’s the limit of my knowledge pointing out the likely cause of damp

    I wonder (and I really don’t know) if you could drill holes around base and inject in a chemical damp course layer ?

    I really know nothing about these apart from system is often used around houses when the original DPC has broken down

    Equal amount of bad press about these injected DPC, lots of them on this forum

    Take advice and read up, it’s something probably worth trying, you can do it yourself and for this small area, surely not gonna cost much

    Now over to others / pros / etc

    Good luck
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  11. Yes someone local did it.

    To be clear its not built on sand or anything and has zero DP apart from being built on the patio flags.

    I might do 4 coats of a really thick interior gloss paint and 3x sandtex exterior and build a plastic skirting trim at the bottom

    Open to suggestions :)
  12. CGN

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    Lime wash
  13. Could you elaborate?
  14. Found it, it's a paint, I will order :)
  15. Astramax

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    Lime wash is not recommended to apply over previously painted surfaces.
  16. DIYDave.

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    I would think that ‘4 coats of really thick gloss paint’ would be the worse thing to do as this will totally stop
    the wall from breathing and prevent damp from drying out

    So saying, the gloss will only stick to whatever paint is on render now so, if bass paint bubbles, then it will simply lift gloss off with it

    Tricky one

    Injected chemical damp course anyone ?

    May seem over kill for a bbq but this needs sorting
  17. Always a catch! :)
  18. KIAB

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