saunier duval F4 fault code

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by navplum, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. navplum

    navplum New Member

    Hi all,
    Fitted a boiler supplied by a customer, saunier duval f24 system boiler. It ran for a day and half no problems, just got in and have an answer message,saying Fault code F4 is flashing and wont reset.
    Can anyone give me a few pointers before i go out and have a look.
  2. navplum

    navplum New Member

    ps im not going out this time of day
  3. Weedrip

    Weedrip New Member

  4. spongeblob

    spongeblob New Member

    Dont know what F4 is, but check the condense pipe isnt frozen and backing up
  5. Cornish

    Cornish New Member

    After a day and 1/2 its under warranty?
    Tel them they supplied it they need to contact the manufacturer and get it sorted.
    Of course thats asuming it was fitted corectly and you are Gas Safe.
  6. sus

    sus New Member

    i wouldent check MI's check the unwritten gas fitters code
    I think F 4 means dont fit saunier duval.
  7. navplum

    navplum New Member

    thanks for your concern cornish, i am Gas safe and it is fitted coreectly,the condensate was frozen.
  8. Cornish

    Cornish New Member

    All worked out OK in the end then.
  9. navplum

    navplum New Member

    yes pal thanks, and i cant spell either , should read correctly lol

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