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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by stuart, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. stuart

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    Does anyone know how scart plugs on televisions are meant to be setup?. The signal obviously goes through the co axial but what is the difference between AV1 AV2 and how do you set up the skybox and video recorder to the TV-Thanks for any response
  2. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    I must be honest,I think scart's by-passed the tuner section,so as you have that nice crisp image...
  3. seavigil

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    Can be a bit of a nightmare with the wrong cable, some come fully wired, some aren't. The following link goes into more detail, if your cable is not fully wired you might need to use the AV button on the telly after turning on the sky box before you see something.

    Half way down the following, the two types of scart sockets are discussed
  4. Puterfixer

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    AV1 and AV2 are just the names of the scart sockets you have on your telly you need to change from tuner control to direct input on your sky and video boxes usually you can run a scart lead from your sky box to your video then to your telly so if you play a video it shows on your telly without changing channels.

    PS make sure the connections are really clean a slight bit of dirt can cause major problems
  5. Snave

    Snave New Member

    Generally AV1 is for R(ed), G(reen), B(lue) and gives a very good quality picture. AV2 usually is for Composite Video which combines all the signals in one lead. So I would connect anything that puts out a high-quality digital signal like a DVD, FreeView or Satellite DigiBox on AV1, and a video recorder on AV2. You may have to set the TV to expect signals on the RGB pins of AV1, and likewise you may have to set the device to output RGB instead of composite video. It is worth trying to set it this way as the quality difference between RGB and composite video is remarkable. The difficult thing is now to be able to record on your video recorder from the DigiBox - what I did was feed the aerial output of my DigiBox in to the aerail input of the video recorder and tuned in a spare channel. The Video Recorder isn't such a good quality that it needs a SCART from the DigiBox, but this connection method is good enough.

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