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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by suts89, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. suts89

    suts89 New Member

    Hi, at the pricing stage for my new single story kitchen extension. (Plans passed)

    Will a scissor truss be suitable for my application?

    The roof will have a 17.5% pitch (i know its shallow) The span is 6m and i will be incorporating a number of velux windows. As youve guessed its going to have a vaulted type feel.

    Thanks for any feedback.


  2. Big Jumbo

    Big Jumbo New Member

    At 17.5deg. I have difficulty seeing how it will work. The lower timber would have to be virtually horizontal, which would be a standard truss not a scissor.
  3. suts89

    suts89 New Member

    Yeh this was my concern!

    Do i have any other options then?

    Am i going to be able to incorportate the Velux,s which is an important feature for us as wee want as much light as possible?

    Cheers **
  4. suts89

    suts89 New Member

    So am i correct in thinking from the inside i,m basically going to looking at a flat ceiling??

    Does this then mean Velux,s are out of the question or not??

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this one.


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