Scratched glazed polished porcelain

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by fabro, Apr 30, 2020.

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    I have tiled less than one wall and noticed some scratches on the tile edges, probably when I cleaned off the excess adhesive. I don't tile often, so as I got better, I kept the adhesive behind the tiles!
    What should I use to polish it off? Also, will I scratch them when grouting? I'm using mapei ultracolour plus CG2WA, I cannot see anywhere if it is sanded/unsanded grout?
    Installation guide (not read before now) says these tiles require sealing with a polished porcelain sealer before and after fixing! Any advice?
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    See the picture, it only shows because it reflects so much. I tried baking soda on an off-cut but it is very easy to take the shine off and make it worse! maybe glass polish?

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    Some development. I found more tiles scratched around the edge (one side only) from the box. I have already used 4 (hence my post), 2 will be behind a towel radiator, one behind a mirror, the last one near the bath and visible. It doesn't stand out that much but I might try to rectify it and try on the 6th tile I have. The sealer doesn't make it any shinier. Maybe some glass polish compound using the dremmel and polish pad as a good DIYer! You would expect a better quality control from Wickes.

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