Screed additive.

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Atkani, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Atkani

    Atkani New Member

    I've got a bit of a levels problem for a sand cement screed over ufh. I can squeeze 50mm max over the pipes which is minimal I think. Are there any admixes you're aware of that work well in screed improving strength and crack resistance? Better workability would be handy too as the sand I'm using is ** to get a finish on :(

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  2. glass fibres in the mix, but at 50mm your pretty borderline.
  3. Atkani

    Atkani New Member

    Is there a guide on quantity when using glass fibre? I've got a bag kicking around I bought ages ago and never used. Also with the screed being dryish is it best to chuck them in first with the dry mix or stir them in with the water?
  4. You'll need to get more expert advice than mine on those points, but I would have thought you'd mix the fibre in the water first then add to the dry mix.

    Wait and get a professional opinion though.

    THE BUILDER MAN New Member

    chopped fibre is what you want matey if you use this in a screed mix you can go down to 25mm
  6. Atkani

    Atkani New Member

    Great. Thanks guys.

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