screwfix boxes ideal for air quality monitors ...

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  1. timwebb2

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    have been using screwfix boxes as weather proof cases for DIY air quality monitors as part of the Luftdaten project.
    They are ideal!

    Schneider Electric 10-Entry Junction Box with Knockouts Grey 150 x 105 x 80mm at £5 a time.

    have built 5 and now on to number 6, the fan and sensors all fit inside and I use a long thin USB cable for power, Arduino board for wifi and tube for fan to draw in air.
    Total cost £45 all in.
    Simple but they work and give an indication of air quality.

    The screwfix box is fully weather proof as the recent rainfall did not affect it.

    There are growing number of the sensors reporting across the UK and wider afield.
    see link to map and if you click on the sensors graphs data indicating air quality appear.
    If you zoom out more sensors will appear.
    As you can see the DIY sensors are big in Germany.
    We have clusters in Eastbourne, Sheffield and Aberdeen.

    Am picking up 2 more boxes tomorrow to house sensors 6 and 7.

    Hope this of interest.

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  2. timwebb2

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    here is a look inside the screwfix box with lid removed for sensor assembly.
    Fan, Arduino board and temp/humidity sensor all fitted inside.
    Usb cable for power and plastic tubing for air intake.

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  3. Declan M

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    Hi Tim,

    It looks like you didn't use a base plate / mounting plate? I presume it is equally as sturdy without one? Tks
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    Like it. Do you compensate for solar gain somehow?

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