Screwfix Curved Towel Radiator

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Wheel-nut, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    Please can anybody tell me where the Flow/ Return and Vent connections are located on these units. I cannot see from the picture whether they are from the underside or inside/ outside of the vertical tubes.
  2. GJC

    GJC New Member


    In the top and bottom of the columns. Hence why you can see them from the front. Must be said, these things are the cheap and cheerful..........better buying a decent make.

  3. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    GJC, Thanks..... I guess its back to the drawing board! Any suggestion of an alternative product and supplier?
  4. GJC

    GJC New Member


    If you don't mind spending the cash always go for something like Myson. You'll get years out of this sort of product. All the S-F/B&Q/Wickes, cheap own brand stuff is stuff.

  5. KD

    KD New Member

    i just got the "cheapie" 1118 x 450 or something like that, chrome towel rad from Screwfix. Not bad for the £99 though, was quite suprised!!!

    Anyhow I only need it to last a year before 1 move - doesn't it have a 5 yr warrenty?

    A decent towel rad is made from brass then chrome plated (sometimes copper plated then chrome a it plates better!) They cost a bomb though, but I guess you want yours to last.

    Victoria Plumb do a good priced range, or plumb world is good too.

    Problem with the screwfix is that it will rust over time. (what that time is I have no idea!)
  6. Double Dutch

    Double Dutch New Member

    I bought the straight towel rad from B & Q (same one as in SFD) - load of rubbish ! Corroded through in less than 18 months. However it exchanged FOC without question for a new one - guess what this one is now about 18 months old and showing nasty brown signs of corrosion - I guess it will soon be exchanged for another one!!
    My lesson learnt here is I should have bought a proper plated copper one in the first place, and not the thin tubular steel rubbish. Definatly a cheap & tearful.
  7. Earthman

    Earthman New Member

    Myson are the canine's ****** when it comes to towel radiators. I fitted one in our bathroom in 1985, still looks as good as it did then (White enamelled ladder type). Not a spot of rust anywhere, (except where the cheapo return valve leaked a little in 2001).
  8. mall.

    mall. New Member

    fitted the chrome 600mm rad...nice for the price,as for rust,well,don`t you just add rust inhibitor to the system?just a thought!!!

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