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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by SLIPSHOD SLAPDASH LTD, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Whats the most you have stolen in one visit ?
  2. SPARKS 002

    SPARKS 002 New Member

  3. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

    Why would you STEAL anything ?
  4. Badger001

    Badger001 New Member

    why would anyone want to steal a screwfix pencil or two :^O
  5. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent New Member

    Whats the most you have stolen in one visit ?

    The boys will be round later today...

    They make break more than a pencil or two..

  6. Jimbo

    Jimbo Screwfix Select

    I always have a couple, handy for the workshop :)
  7. theorysparky

    theorysparky New Member

    Borrowed 2 pens from Peterborough when it first opened

    Black Bic ones

    and it still has a coffee machine !!!!!!
  8. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent New Member

    Borrowed 2 pens from...

    Another one on the bad boys list..

  9. southelec

    southelec New Member

    Bear in mind, screwfix know who you are.
  10. prosparks

    prosparks New Member

    If you ask the kind lady on the pick up desk I am sure she will recognize you as "in need" or "care in the community" and give you some to play with ?

    Saves you futively hanging round waiting for the window of opportunity to commit your heinous crime. lol
  11. EH59 AMP

    EH59 AMP New Member

    I like to steel a handful of pens from barclays when I'm paying in cheques. get my moneys worth. got loads now, keeps the staples bills down, keeps the the bank-manager happy .
  12. EH59 AMP

    EH59 AMP New Member

    I also take a disproportionate number of napkins and salt/pepper from Mc donalds every morning to re stock my van.
  13. ADMIN1007

    ADMIN1007 New Member

    Right after reading this thread i am not at all happy about some of our members stealing PENCILS from stores You have all been noted and will all be recieving an email about this offence. STEALING ANYTHING FROM ANYBODY WETHER IT BE PENCILS, COFFEE, BOOKS, CABLE IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Each and EVERY member in this thread who has stolen pencils will be getting charged to their accounts. BE WARNED!!!! :O
  14. yogi972

    yogi972 New Member

    mr admin>

  15. prosparks

    prosparks New Member

    We are all obviously missing a "business opportunity" here.

    I really must remember to remind myself not to forget to look out for the chance of stealing items worth 2p which will probably leak into a tool vest worth £50.

    If anyone is really that desperate, give me a bell and I will send you, free of charge, a decent Pilot pen for your personal use.
  16. ADMIN1007

    ADMIN1007 New Member

  17. Maybe not all the trade counters are the same. My local has hundreds of small pencils in pockets for the customers to fill in the picking forms with. I take a couple when i visit, but i see people taking handfulls at a time. One chippy i know has a competition with his mate to see who can pinch the most. His record is 113 in one go !!! When i have a go at him his reply is 'its not stealing, there to take, so i do'

    The Enfield branch drinks machine hasn't worked for 6 months now.
  18. yogi972

    yogi972 New Member

  19. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent New Member


    someone's pulling your leg..

  20. Badger001

    Badger001 New Member

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