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  1. scudo sparky

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    Can the old type porsilain screwits still be used? Just found a cigerette tin full of them on mi van. I also found half a sausage roll. Do days get any better than this?
  2. Eye Squared R

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    I see no problem with these so long as they are used inside a box. A current BS No may be a problem?
  3. jumboscruit

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    I was bought up on those porcelain "scruits", and thought they were better than strip-connectors.Only snag with them, is undoing them, sometimes the wires inside lock and snap off. They are essentially a one-way only connector, so not very convenient for testing.

    Don't know if you can still buy them. The modern version is plastic with threaded brass inserts.You sometimes come across them in machinery connector boxes.Think they might still be used in the US.

    Put those china ones on E-Bay.

  4. Oh Wonderful One

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    Try these

    I am sure someone will tell you you can't use them - just refer them to 3M, they have lawyers that just love suing people .
  5. the1jock

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    Hi these screw cable connectors are available in Halfords they are rated to 240v. hope this helps.
  6. Joint-box

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    Wire-Nuts or Scru-its as they where branded in the UK have not been permitted on 240V mains electrical installations since the 1950s in the UK. These are still to this day manufactured in America, Wire-Nuts are now made out of plastic by Ideal Industry’s; Wire-Nut is also the registered trademark of Ideal Industry’s. These are used still in America on electrical installations, a bit like we use connector strip.
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    screwits nick name is *

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    Just remembered where I recently came across our . You will note that the VIR is in excellent condition . . . . .
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