Scribe bottom of skirting or use silicone?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by baracus, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. baracus

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    When fitting skirting on top of wood/engineered wood flooring why wouldn't you scribe the bottom to meet the floor if its not perfectly straight? Is it not normal practice to scribe or is that more an advanced skill/request?

    I saw a builders work where he fitted mdf skirting on wooden floor but used silicone between them where they meet.
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Scribe. Silicone is a complete bodge, if the skirting was to be painted he could have gotten away with decorators caulk on small gaps.
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  3. goldenboy

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    Only time silicone is acceptable is on vinyl floors in bathrooms.
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  4. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    My mum once had a "decorator" in who siliconed everything instead of caulking.

    Like an entire hall stair and landing!

    She was not happy.
  5. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    If it's a floating floor, you should avoid using anything that sticks. I've made the mistake of doing that in the distant past and the first attempt worked the glued skirting boards to work their way loose from the wall. I then screwed them into the wall, but then the flooring becomes very stressed as it tries to expand and contract with the inevitable seasonal changes in humidity. If you can, just let it float, sliding outwards and inwards under the skirting boards with minimal resistance.
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  6. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Vinyl is fine to silicone. Even the click one.
  7. baracus

    baracus Member

    Thank you all.

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