Sealed System - drawing air in

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  1. Only just seen this, TMT.

    I presume yours is a vented system - tank in the loft - and not a pressurised, sealed type?
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    Thank you will check legal protection
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    This is a sealed system
  5. Sorry - I was having two conversations - one with TooManyTools :)

    (It's always better to begin a completely new thread with a new case).

    I'm sure plumbers will come along on here and try and work out where the air is coming from, but - really - on such a new install this is down to the original plumber to sort out.

    If he cannot do so, there's something wrong somewhere - either with your system or with your plumber :). If you then need to get a second plumber out to sort it - and if it turns out to be something the first plumber should have covered - then you can claim this cost back from him.

    But you need proper guidance on doing this - CAB or your LP on the insurance.

    Please let us know how you get on.
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    Thanks, the plumber has got back to us now and is going to have another look. Will keep you posted
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