Sealing a damp bay window

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Riley123, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Riley123

    Riley123 New Member

    The old felt has come away a bit on this bay window and it looks like water is getting in. Can I put flashband over the edge to seal it? Or is there a better fix?
    B93B00B8-6360-4688-9AEC-A28CCE7E77D1.jpeg 862D6367-59E6-43B5-9FFF-57BB0C5D3EC9.jpeg 45499A52-7FA9-4C64-A380-CF9276A1B89A.jpeg 277F268F-E0B4-4C81-8338-6FA2B727167B.jpeg 277F268F-E0B4-4C81-8338-6FA2B727167B.jpeg 36DCD14A-8074-4D59-A5C5-E6F87CD82ED7.jpeg 71C92D6A-50E1-4BF9-9CC5-590A23D4E42F.jpeg

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