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  1. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    Do I need to seal my polished marble floor tiles if so with what exactly? There seems to be loads of different impregnators/stain stops out there, they all look the same to me!! Also, is there any specific method for applying it or do I just slap it on?!
  2. Lithofin Stain Stop MN, stone should be sealed before and after grouting.

    Instructions are included on the tin.
  3. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    I know there is other q's like this in this forum, I just wanted to know if the polished aspect changed things at all!
  4. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    thanks mudster! Quick response! cheers
  5. It's a common misconception that a polished finish somehow makes natural stone more resilient, it doesn't in any way change the porosity of the product, so it still requires the same amount of sealant.

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