Sectional Concrete Garage insulation

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    Hi all,

    I’ve seen a few variations on how to insulate a sectional concrete garage. I’m about to do mine and want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

    So.....I have battened the verticals right where the seams are and sealed the seams beforehand. This has left me with 25mm thick battens secured to the concrete joints.

    Now can I do the following:

    Use earth wool in the voids to fully fill. This would fit better than Celotex as there is a deep part to the concrete sections and a shallow part if that makes sense. The earth wool would then be sat against the concrete?
    Then over the earth wool staple a silver membrane to the battens which would trap the earth wool in the voids.
    Then pin my treated 19mm thick shiplap cladding over the top.

    is that right, total rubbish or somewhere in between? Do I need something between earth wool and concrete?

    I have taken 4 side sections of the garage out and will be fitting french doors to use the garage as a bar.

    Just waiting to insulate and get 1st fix electrics in.

    many thanks in advance, look forward to some help as I’m wanting to get this fitted.
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    Also, if earth wool is ok, can this be compressed from 100mm down to 50mm without issues?

    Photos ED70B5B0-FE16-4940-8C2D-A1147B0144A4.jpeg 5C5540E5-2BA8-44B6-AAEB-3C2291213C61.jpeg 7B516D04-8E18-4CF4-A713-87059C3D328C.jpeg attached of the work in progress.
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    weather turned today so outside cladding halted.

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    Hi, I'd love to see the progress you have made with this. I'm starting to plan doing mine at the minute and need some inspiration. Im a noob DIYER
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    I will send images of the finished product. I have loads of tips and things I found during the project.
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