Securitech C&K 800L connecting to an Informa Dialler

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jaym15try, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. jaym15try

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    I have a C&K 800L Alarm and would like to connect a Informa Autodialler to it.

    What outputs on the alarm would I connect the dialler to?

    Apart from the 0v & 12v from dialler to AUX +/- on the alarm, would I connect IP1 on the dialler to S- on the alarm and leave INH (inhibit) from the dialler not connected?

    Also what do I levels do I need on the dialler, IP1 -> Low and INH -> Low ?

  2. Rulland

    Rulland Well-Known Member

    The diallers input should be connected to the bell output on the intruder panel, this a switched negative to the bell, so the dialler should be programmed to require a low input.
    I would suggest that inhibit is not required.
    Don't forget an ADSL filter is needed if the telephone line used has broadband enabled on it.
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