Selecting a car or car derived van to tow a caravan?

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by MGW, Aug 6, 2018.

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    It seems I made an error, I looked up the towing capacity of my car on internet, there should it seems be a VIN plate, but I couldn't find it, thought it could tow 1400 kg caravan unladen is 1250 kg laden 1450 kg, but looking at registration document seems car is 1250 kg max. (Kia Carens)

    So need a new tractor, well not new, second hand is better option, but want at least 1500 kg towing capacity. However listing likely cars, again internet shows tow weights but some models it varies widely Peugeot 3008 for example 500 -1500 kg and mile per gallon even worst, 48.7 - 70.6 mpg depending on exactly which model. As to towing mpg Nissan X-Trail light 48.7mpg and towing 23.4mpg.

    So looking to spend around £15k and want second hand, and if I can automatic, I want light mpg over 40, so it would seem needs to be diesel. I have a list of around 60 cars, only van Vauxhall Astra as all other car derived vans don't seem to have towing capacity.

    I want to carry push bikes, seems 4 options, on back of car, on top of car, on caravan A frame, or inside car, inside better security but likely to damage car getting in and out, on top OK with low car but high cars can't reach, and back of car and A frame may be damaged on a tight turn.

    So any suggestions please.
  2. KIAB

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    A few of VW Passats can manage 2000kg brake trailer.
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    Skoda superb :)
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    Well ended up with another Kia a Sorrento which will pull 3000 kg and was a lot cheaper than I extended paying.

    It will not do the miles per gallon, but one can buy a lot of deisel for the money I have saved buying the older car.
  7. jonathanc

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    Land Rover defender. Tow anything u want

    And yes before anyone says, prone to breakdowns. Particularly the 2.2 puma is prone to output shaft failure....
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    I was going to suggest a Seat Leon or Vauxhall Insignia but when I looked they had a surprising low towing capability 1450 kg for a braked trailer. Even things like the modern Vitara are quite low.

    Some of the Mondeos are quite good tow cars and generally reliable and good to drive - but they are a Mondeo

    The other ones are a Merc C class or BMW 3 very good tow capacity up to 1800 kgs

    Funnily enough I am in two minds about getting a second vehicle - I quite fancy the new Ssanhyong Muso - which can out perform a Ford Ranger for towing and carrying.
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    Have you thought about a pick up?
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    Dont they have mercedes engines ? you get a lot of car for decent money
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    There was a tie up at one point, I couldn't find when or if it finished. As well as being able to carry 1 ton it can pull another 3.7 at the same time - plus it comes with a 150,000 mile warranty
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    Monroe's are great cars for the money.
  13. Isitreally

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    Monroe make good shock absorbers, as for whole cars, I'm not sure, :D:D:D
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    Was at a dealership last year looking at cars they had full range of ssanyhong was impressed at what you got for your money
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    Kin spell check ;)
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    Did i say ssanhyong should read Ford
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    I couldn't say ssanhyong if you paid me :)
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    Not a car to buy if you have lisp
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    I can't even say lisp
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