Self-adhesive cabinet door seals?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by macaulay, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Does anyone know where you can get door seals? i want to put it on the cabinets above the hob to stop steam/grease getting in.

    The stuff I've seen (on our old bathroom cabinets and in an up-market kitchen showroom) is a soft plastic tube stuck to the front edge of the carcass. It's not a foam like window seal stuff - you can wipe it clean.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.


  2. lamello

    lamello New Member

    How close are your cabinets to your hob.
  3. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Quite close. It's a small kitchen so we have a 600 mm integrated extractor (i.e. pull-out job) with a bridging unit above and 900 wall units either side. Even with the best extractor, you still get steam and grease going into the cabinets. The seals seem like a good and simple idea, if only I can find them.

    The seals alone would have saved me hours of de-dusting everything after recent wall-demolition works.


  4. woody.

    woody. New Member

    How close is ‘Quite close’?
  5. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    You're making no sense Malc. Are the wall units either side 900mm wide or 900mm high. Whichever they are the extractor still needs to be a minimum height from the hob (check your MI - usually 600-650 above hob).

    I personally think this is overkill. If you spend all this time looking at covering all the possibilities you'll still be fitting your kitchen this time next year.

    Steam and grease won't "get into the cabinets" and the best extractors will do the job they are required to do.

    Put it like this - my coffee pot and coffee cups are in the cupboard next to my extractor. Neither does my coffee get damp, nor does my cup need regular de-greasing.
  6. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies. I thought this would be a simple question. Either you know of the stuff or you don't. The posting wasn't meant to be a full-blown description of the kitchen layout.

    Anyway, here is a diagram of this side of the kitchen:

    The Hob to extractor clearance is OK as per the hob and extractor instructions. The extractor is an integrated Neff D2664 and a couple of years old (replacement for a functionally similar 20 year old unit). It vents outside and has plenty of suck. I'm keeping this in the new kitchen.

    Stretch, with respect, it's naive to say that an extractor will catch everything. For a start these integrated extractors have a gap at the top when they're open and often you don't have them going full-bore. Also you only need a pot with a lid and steam will jet out the side. These flats have tight little kitchens.

    We've been cooking in this kitchen for five years and the cabinets get greasy and steam filled. The new kitchen has an almost identical layout to the old.

    I haven't started the kitchen yet - cabinets arrive in a week and the worktops are being templated on 10 December. I don't think the seals are overkill - on the contrary I think they're a good and simple idea. Go into any upmarket kitchen showroom and you will see them.

    The original post took 2 min to write. If someone knows the stuff it would take them 2 min to reply. A further 10 min for me to order it online and 1/2 an hour to fit it.

    If anyone knows of this stuff, I'd be interested to hear.

    Thanks in advance.


  7. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

  8. lamello

    lamello New Member

    The reason why it isnt normal to use them is because a well designed kitchen will have taken into account position of wall units in relation to your hob. As for saying its naive to suggest they are overkill. Thats a load of nonsense. Your kitchen should have been designed to take this problem into account rather than trying to sort it as an aftermarket solution. Once again suggesting that any top end showroom has them on their units. Sorry but they arent that common. The clue to your problem lies in these sentences
    "We've been cooking in this kitchen for five years and the cabinets get greasy and steam filled. The new kitchen has an almost identical layout to the old." Far be it from me to suggest but perhaps you should have redesigned your layout.

    If you are going to come on here and ask for advice be prepared to be asked what the reasons are for you needing that advice. You might want to reconsider the way you ask for advice as you are really coming across as the kind of * who clicks his fingers at waiters and treats people in a disrespectful way. This forum has a lot of people who regularily post on it who really know their stuff but who dont like being ordered about.
    I encounter people like you on a regular basis. Their opening salvo in a measure-up is usually "I would do this myself but I just dont have the time or tools". Or the years of experience,contacts,knowledge,trade accounts,van,workshop or indeed the skill. people like that get a grand chucked on the quote for each and every disrespectful comment.

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    KITCHEN MAN New Member

    the stuff you require they sell in bq on the insulation area it has a sticky tape back and a dome cusion front you can use it as draugh seal hope this helps
    k m
  10. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Thanks BB and Kitchen Man. I've used that foam stuff on windows and it will be my fall-back if I can't find the plastic stuff. Cheers.


    Thanks for your suggestion re: changing the layout. I would if I could. In a perfect world I wouldn't have wall units near the hob. Unfortunately the kitchen is tight so I'm forced to use an integrated extractor amongst wall units. In a 2700 mm space there's only so many ways to arrange a sink, DW, oven/hob and integrated washing machine. The existing layout is about as good as it gets.

    Thanks also for your "lesson" in forum etiquette and respect. It's hard to understand where you're coming from, particularly when you call me a *, a finger clicker and disrespectful. I'm none of those. You're confused. You're very quick to take offense and very quick to be offensive. You remind of the bearded bloke with the "Death to all who say Islam is not a religion of peace" sign.

    Thanks also for reminding of the many good and helpful people on this forum. I know. I've had help from many of them. And I appreciate it and I tell them so.

    Anyway, I won't call you a *, a finger clicker or anything else. I can't discern that from your comments, but maybe others can. What I can tell, and this comes through loud and clear in your comment on this thread and others, is that you have a huge chip on your shoulder. A word of advice Lamello: Do something you enjoy. If you don't like what you're doing, or if you think you should be doing something better, go and do it. Good luck to you. That way you won't need to make yourself feel important by anonymously trolling forums, taking offence for others, where none was intended, and leaving your trail of nasty bile.

    I'm sure you meet a lot of ****** in your work. I wouldn't be one of them. You'll find it easier to deal with these people if you're happy in yourself. Then you'll see them for what they are and you won't need to copy them.



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  11. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    "I'm sure you meet a lot of ****** in your work. I wouldn't be one of them?"

  12. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Then you'll see them for what they are... I think we just have. :^O

    pompous twerp.
  13. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    That'll teach him to ask stupid questions......:)
  14. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Perhaps Malcolm you should look at the way you come across. I didnt call you a * I simply suggested that you were coming across as a *. You clearly have an enormously high opinion of yourself, probably an opinion not shared by anyone who has encountered you. I have no chip on my shoulder, no burning issue tormenting me, I simply can't stand people who ask a question and then being rude towards people just because they arent getting the answer they want. As for my assertion that you are a finger clicker, your behaviour clearly demonstrates that this is true. You are also somebody who clearly believes in their own superior intelligence and superior reasoning skills. Thanks for your advice I shall take it on board. However let me give you a bit of advice, in order to create a logical defence against being accused of something, you need to do more than just string smart phrases together, you actually need to construct an arguement that backs your claims up, this you manifestly fail to do, and the best way to defend yourself against a claim of being a cnut and being disrepectful is not to post an essay clearly demonstrating your cnutishness and disrespectfulness.

    As for not encountering you in a working enviroment too right my friend 1) having stated my business plan of whacking a grand on for disrespectful comments your quote would come out like Abramovichs yacht bill 2) I work nearly exclusively off reccomendation and I cant imagine anyone that I know having time for a pompous deluded fool like you.

    Best of luck with your kitchen and by the way I do know where to get your seals from, but do you know something I cant for the life of me remember where exactly it is.

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  15. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Fair enough. Thanks for the pointers Lamello.

    For what it's worth, you seem to be obsessed with respect and finding situations where you don't feel you're getting enough. So you can jump on the person. But that's how bully's work; they need a pretext.

    You've found the right place. Anonymous forums are the perfect hunting ground. An ill-judged tone, an inopportune phrase, a misconstrued sentiment. It's all there waiting for you. And you love it. And when you can't find that, you can always revert to the utterly brilliant repose "Don't ask stupid questions". Priceless.

    Good luck with your business and your "respect-based-pricing".

    Apologies to the other forum readers who have had to witness this little spat.


  16. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    It's a trade forum - blunt speaking and fizzing flak is par for the course.

    Self-righteous sermons don't go down well with the resident gorillas - as you have observed.
  17. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    You're right about the sermons Hotdog - why do you think he started off down that track?
  18. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    Apologies to the other forum readers who have had to witness this little spat.



    I dunno, it's been quite entertaining!! :)
  19. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    It must be the cooking techniques that are causing the steam and grease problems. I also have never heard of supplementary seals being necessary on wall units either side of the hob.
    Perhaps the kitchen is not so much a residential flat, more a chinese takeaway? (No disrespectintended to our Chinese readers BTW)
  20. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Fine, if your only response to me is to accuse me of being a bully then its pretty clear that you are clutching at straws. You are the classic example of a white collar worker who believes that by dint of his office based job he is more knowledgeable than blue collar workers. If you want to come on here and order people about be prepared to take some flak as others have said. This is not the kind of environment where you can sit in your ivory tower and bark out all the orders to minions. We the professional tradesmen on here those of us who done our time in dusty workshops to learn our trade hold all the cards on here, nobody is under any obligation to answer your questions. If you dont want to be asked about why you want advice then go elsewhere. Same with if you want to demand answers and be sarcastic when the answers you receive arent the ones you want go and ask your questions elsewhere. I have no obsession with respect nor do I feel that I am undervalued I just wont stand for people behaving in the ways that you do.

    Incidentally if you use quotation marks make sure that the comment you are putting in the quotation marks was actually written by the person you are directing your arguement towards. I never accused you of asking stupid questions. Stretch did. I happen to agree with him though. A mistake by a deluded smug idiot like you. "Priceless". Thats the correct way to use quotation marks Mr Mastercard.

    Do you honestly think that I come on here just to bully people like you. However much you try and turn this into a blue wristband anti-bullying thing it wont get away from the fact that all I have done is just point out that acting the way you do is hardly likely to make people want to give you advice.

    "Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies. I thought this would be a simple question. Either you know of the stuff or you don't. The posting wasn't meant to be a full-blown description of the kitchen layout."

    Do you honestly believe that this is the way to speak to people who are offering you advice. And I'm not jumping on you for just one comment your whole attitude stinks, it pervades all of your comments and questions. I suggest you really look at the way you address people or be prepared for people not bothering to assist you.

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