Self-adhesive cabinet door seals?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by macaulay, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Re: Self-adhesive cabinet door seals?
    Posted: Nov 15, 2007 1:05 PM Reply

    It's a trade forum - blunt speaking and fizzing flak is par for the course.

    Self-righteous sermons don't go down well with the resident gorillas - as you have observed.


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    Re: Self-adhesive cabinet door seals?
    Posted: Nov 15, 2007 1:29 PM Reply

    You're right about the sermons Hotdog - why do you think he started off down that track?

    Hotdogs comment(unless I am miscontruing Mr Dogs thoughts) is clearly directed at you not me. Incidentally Mr Dog gorilla is a bit harsh isnt it. I'm more of an Orangutan.
  2. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Quite right me old Orangutan! ;)
  3. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Thought so Mr Dog
  4. Stretch

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    I don't want this thread to ever end !! :)
  5. macaulay

    macaulay New Member


    If you want to carry on with this, fine. Stretch seems to be enjoying it.

    You're casting aspersions wildly, like a drunk in a fight. E.g. what's all this rubbish:

    "...classic example of a white collar worker who believes that by dint of his office based job he is more knowledgeable than blue collar workers."

    "This is not the kind of environment where you can sit in your ivory tower and bark out all the orders to minions."

    I don't work in a office, or an ivory tower. I'm not a white collar worker and I don't bark orders at people. I'll take your word that you don't have a chip on your shoulder, but man you're doing a hell of an impersonation.

    BTW, do you get angry inside when you fit a fancy kitchen for a wealthy young person? I reckon you might. You think you're smarter than them and it's not right that they're doing better than you. I'm sure you meet some real ******, but don't let it turn you into a grumpy, resentful old man. If you're good at what you do, it would be a shame.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh, this...

    "We the professional tradesmen on here those of us who done our time in dusty workshops to learn our trade hold all the cards on here, nobody is under any obligation to answer your questions."

    For f* sake Lamello. You're not Don Corleone. You're a kitchen fitter. Posting on a public forum. Hosted by Screwfix. I get answers to my questions and I give answers where I can, and with none of your attitude.

    And there's more...

    "..And I'm not jumping on you for just one comment your whole attitude stinks, it pervades all of your comments and questions."

    Other than this thread - which by necessity has gotten a little terse - show me one other thread where my attitude stinks? You on the other hand have many. E.g. Some bloke asks for weekend work. You jump on him, assuming he wants cash work and accuse him of stealing materials from his employer (you are able to tell so much from a few sentences). Someone then quite reasonably comes to his defence and you reply with this:

    "Are you hard of reading you clown. Look at my second sentence..."

    Yeah, you've got a fantastic attitude Lamello. We could all learn at your dusty knee.

    I stand by my earlier comments. You're a bully and you go looking for perceived disrespect, so you can indulge your hobby.

    Sorry for the confusion about the "Don't ask stupid questions". I meant that in a general sense. I.e. it seems to be your attitude. It was confusing.

    I'm sure you're a good kitchen fitter and maybe a reasonable bloke, but an anonymous forum brings out your bad side.

    Incidentally, you gave a little outline earlier of your highly esteemed business and reputation. Why the false modesty Lamello? Use your real name. That way if a prospective customer googles you, they'll see how knowledgeable and helpful you are.

    If you want to carry on with this conversation, by all means. However I don't want you to blow a head gasket; your paragraphs are getting mighty long and I'm guessing you're an older guy (but I don't know).

    Good night.
  6. lamello

    lamello New Member

    A series of random smart sentences still doesnt add up to rational arguement as to why it is acceptable to be as rude as you are. I think perhaps you should podt this on the builder talk as the spade is certainly in your hands and the hole is getting deeper.

    However much you bury your head in the sand and insist that I'm bullying you wont get you away from the fact that nobody reading this will come away with anything but the conclusion that you are exactly what you have been accused of.

    As for your claims that you are a blue collar worker, nonsense it is so clear that you are nothing of the kind.

    Thanks for your concerns about me blowing a head gasket, brain haemorrages really are a subject for scoring cheap points. Shows your class.

    You reinforce my view that you have a low opinion of tradesman by suggesting that I would get angry inside working for wealthy young people. Why would I? Why are they doing better than me? Do you understand the concept of business? I dont have to work for anybody I dont want to? If they are going to pay me thousands to design and fit their kitchens whos getting the best of that deal?

    You obviously are fully skilled in terms of both kitchen design and fitting. That of course is why you have ended up with your wall units virtually touching your hob and having to ask on where to buy cabinet hangers from (they come with the units but of course you knew that) and how to screw two units together. Maybe next time you need a kitchen you might like to involve somebody who has even the vaguest idea what they are doing.
  7. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    "You're not Don Corleone. You're a kitchen fitter."

    Is that the lowest of the low? or one up from a smug git?
  8. Pasconet

    Pasconet New Member

    Good ere innit?

    Door seals (or not) and analysis all in one place: Screwfix and screw-loose-fix...
  9. Pasconet

    Pasconet New Member

    I think you might find the answer to your door seal question on ebay - I bought something exactly like that for a different job last year.
  10. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    ...without the abuse ;)
  11. macaulay

    macaulay New Member

    Thanks Pasconet - I'll have a look on eBay.

    I've had a more thorough look at the bathroom cabinets and it seems those seals are in a groove, routered after the edge was banded. Too elaborate for what I'm looking for.

    Lamello, I thought this conversation had run its course and I wasn't intending to add anymore. However I've re-read you last post and just have to correct some of your more egregious assertions.

    Firstly, I didn't say I was blue collar. I said I wasn't white collar and do not work in an office or an ivory tower (as you accused me of). For what it's worth, I'm on the electrical side of high voltage substation construction and maintenance. At the moment I'm renovating this property. And I also do websites from time-to-time. Confusing colours eh? Your blue/white distinction is anachronistic and laughable, but hey, if it lets you understand the world, and decide who the good and bad guys are, then more power to you.

    Secondly you mock me for not being fully skilled at kitchen design and fitting. Great, I never suggested I was. Yes I "designed" the kitchen, but that's an elaborate word for a galley kitchen: 3 units one side and 4 on the other. I looked at the options, knew how we use the kitchen and decided the existing basic layout was the best. Such temerity.

    I've done enough plumbing, carpentry etc to confidently fit this kitchen, and it's a simple one at that. No pelmets, no cornices, no corners, factory-drilled doors and the worktops are stone so they're being done by professionals.

    Oh, I wasn't asking how to screw cabinets together. You misread. I was asking where to source cover caps, inter screws etc, and mounting rails. I then figured out that the cabinets had independent brackets, so I added another comment to the thread. Outrageous stuff.

    Also, I don't have a dislike for trades people. On the contrary I employ them often and am looking forward to doing bit myself, having spent today removing the old kitchen and splashback tiling. I do the things I can do well, and get someone to do things I can't. In the last two months I've had a plumber, a tiler, a plasterer and window supplier/fitter working here.

    You also suggest "Maybe next time you need a kitchen you might like to involve somebody who has even the vaguest idea what they are doing."

    Well I do. I'm doing this kitchen because I can and because I want to. Also doing it myself will be easier because there are related works which I’m also doing. Frankly, many kitchens I see which have been fitted by professionals are slap-dash. I couldn’t find anyone who's kitchen was that great or who would recommend their fitter. I'm sure the cowboy element is equally vexing to you. This flat might be an extreme example, but it was done by a reputable firm and off the top of my head I've found this so far:

    - kitchen drain falls then steps up to go into soil stack - pipe fills with sediment.
    - kitchen sink overflow not connected.
    - granite worktop cracked around hob cut-out because oven housing not level with other cabinets/battens.
    - granite worktops not attached to cabinets - only sealing silicone to splashback.
    - filler panels not scribed to wall.
    - hob cut-out so rough that hob was fitted by panel-beating underside enclosure.
    - shower tiles directly onto plywood false wall - rotten.
    - bath not earthed.
    - toilet cistern overflow not connect to bath outlet - flood.
    - cold water header tank overflow not tested/flushed. First time it was required all the pipe shavings which has gone down the funnel blocked the bath outlet - flood
    - ceilings +/- 50 mm different from room to room.

    This was a pretty high-end development when it was done circa 1989. Not all the fault of the fitter, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't have automatic faith in professionals.

    That's all. If you want the last word, go ahead. It seems only right, because as you explained to me earlier: "We the professional tradesmen on here those of us who done our time in dusty workshops to learn our trade hold all the cards on here...."

    Actually I just have to ask. If I post a question and another non-professional helps me out, where does that leave your house of cards?

    Thanks for the conversation. It's been most interesting.


  12. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Once again you seem to fail to understand the basics of defending yourself. Stringing together a random selection of oh so clever sentences and listing a load of sub-standard work (relevance of which I'm not quite sure) is hardly a showstopping defence. As I have previously said your attitude pervades all of your comments and if you are unable to recognise that then you arent half as clever or superior as you clearly feel you are.

    As for you kitchen design I am sure that myself and any other fitter on here would be able to design you a kitchen that doesnt contain the inherent flaws that you are now trying to solve but hey I guess you designed your own kitchen because you can, only sadly for you you can design it if you like just not as well as someone(like me) who knows what they are doing, identifies potential problems and produces a design that eliminates those problems.

    As for your comments which roughly equate to you valuing non-professionals advice as much as professionals that clearly isnt true otherwise you would be posting your kitchen related problems on Football365s forum as opposed to Screwfix Kitchen Fitters Talk.

    The refuge for all people who feel they have no prospect of winning an arguement and are concerned they are making a complete fool of themselves is to feign indifference and insist that theirs is the final word. This is the course of action that you appear to be going down. I however have no such worries and am more than happy to continue this discussion.
  13. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Incidentally you clearly believe that I think that you actually work in a tower made of ivory. Ivory tower is a figure of speech since towers made out of actual ivory are illegal these days. I think you can have them made out of synthetic ivory though if you did want to design yourself one. Maybe it could be the focal point for your next badly designed kitchen.
  14. lamello

    lamello New Member

    You might want to ask Joel about the kitchen you have described. It sounds like he might have been involved in that one. (sorry joel but I couldnt resist).
  15. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    This argument has nothing to do with me but at first glance it appears to me that the OP has asked a simple question designed to elicit an even more simple answer.

    He simply wanted to know where he could buy something and quite frankly i fully understand his apparent frustration at the response he got.

    There are people on here who appear unable to answer the simple question but instead ask another purely in order to set the OP up for a bout of critismn.

    There was a simlar incident recently when an OP asked a question about a boiler, this was followed by the ususal "you have to be CORGI registered etc etc" followed by the epihany that it was in fact an oil fired boiler that was in question and hence nothing to do with CORGI.

    We all have an honours degree in hindsight and I have little doubt that the OP recognises that something about his kitchen layout is contributing to his problem but in the real world sometimes we have to compensate for lack of design perfection by compromising.
  16. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    These are trade forums.

    Mickey taking and general wind ups are part and parcel of trade life. First thing you learn as a youngster in any trade - DON'T BITE- 'cos if you do they keep on reeling you in.

    That's all thats happening here - not sure who is winding up who the most but they both keep on biting.
  17. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Blimey, getting a bit heavy round here isn't it?

    Lighten up folks!
  18. makita49

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    You will never win an argument with lamello this is his favourite past time.
  19. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    As the Captain says, these are Trade Forums. The problem is, if you waltz in here after 20 odd posts and start moaning that people aren't taking you seriously or giving you the replies you want then someone will bite. If it hadn't been Lamello it would have been someone else.

    Anybody who thinks this forum is bad should go into the plumbers or sparks forums. They can be frightening places!

    Anyway, I've enjoyed it so far. It's been better than the endless repetition of "What are the best fixings to use on a plasterboard wall?" If you don't know that and that's the least of your worries you definitely shouldn't be fitting a kitchen.

  20. makita49

    makita49 New Member

    How much to hang a door is the best subject.

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