Self adhesive de coupling membrane?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Durham4416, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Durham4416

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    Good afternoon, I’m currently replacing my bathroom and I’m going to be tiling all walls and the floor. I’m installing Hardie backer on the walls but when I removed the old tiles from the floor there was a de coupling membrane between the tiles and timber floor but it must of been self adhesive or applied with glue/sealant as it pulled up without damaging the floor. When I’ve looked I can only find membrane which requires thinset/adhesive to attach it to the floor, I don’t mind doing this but would prefer to avoid as if I ever replace the tiles in the future I will also have to replace the subfloor. Anybody know of a self adhesive membrane, it’s black and clear if that helps?
  2. TheMorg

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    You can try Bal Flexbone 2Easy, it's a floating decoupling membrane (i've never used it). Ardex AF200 or Mapei VS90 can usually be used on membranes that need sticking down.
  3. Durham4416

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    Thanks, I’ve had a look. Just not sure the weight will be there as it’s a small area.
    The floor is just chipboard (new build) but I’m not sure the best surface to lay on. I’ve
    looked at DITRA etc but my concern is the floorboards would need replacing if I decided to replace the tiles in a few years. The options I see are 6mm hard is backer (although this should be laid on adhesive should it not), DITRA uncoupling or flexbone?

    That is why I would like to find this product that I’ve removed as it was just stuck to the floorboard and hasn’t left any damage and the tiles hadn’t moved.

    Am I overthinking it? My parents tiler laid their tiles straight on plywood years ago and it’s never budged/cracked.

    Recommendations for the best surface to lay the tiles on in a bathroom area 2.8 m2?

    Thank you

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