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    I’d like to use epoxy resin floor paint for the downstairs floor of my flat (hallway, living room, kitchen), as even though not as commonly used in domestic settings as it is in industrial ones, it is easy to deal with and looks extremely smart (there's a flat in my block that has done it).

    Before doing so, I need to lift extant flooring (a mixture of tiles and laminate across the three different rooms), prepare the subfloor, prime it, and then use a self levelling compound of some description to create a more even surface.

    My initial plan was as follows:
    1. Lift the floors, prepare & clean surface

    2. Use either Wakol MS330 Silane Primer or KA SBR Bond Co-Polymer Bonding Compound.

    3. Use either MAPEI ultimate leveller 1210 self-levelling floor compound or Self Level Flexiplus

    4. RFC Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

    5. Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint / RFC Epoxy Resin Floor Coating
    I was looking at using mapei 1210 or everbuild's flexiplus to level the floors, as both come highly recommended and fit within my budget. However, I understand after further research that these kinds of self-levellers are not suitable for use with an epoxy resin paint/coating either because of adhesion problems or because the self levellers are designed to be overlaid with e.g. new tiles or wood flooring.

    I wonder if anyone knows of:

    - something that could be used between the self-levelling compound and the resin paint to ensure a suitable surface for the resin floor paint


    - a preferable self-levelling compound that would provide a suitable surface for the paint?

    I’d be extremely grateful for any advice you may have to give.

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