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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by hughesjordan, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. hughesjordan

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    I'm planning on using Mapei Ultraplan 3240 self levelling compound to level my living room floor prior to having 9mm Laminate flooring laid.

    The subfloor consists of original floorboards with hardboard sheets on top and then plywood sheets on top of the hardboard. Some of the plywood has been taken up around the edges in order to re-position a radiator. The floor dips towards the middle of the room and generally it is uneven.

    I have a builder who thinks he can level the floor quite easily. His plan is to prime the subfloor with PVA, lay a light black fabric over the floor and up the bottom of the walls (I'm not totally sure what this is) and then pour the self levelling compound over this. I think he wants to mix the self levelling compound so it is not quite as runny so he has a little more control over it.

    I'm just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on if this will work and if this method seems okay?

    I'm concerned that the PVA is not the correct primer to use, whether or not this fabric will stop the SLC from adhering to the floor properly and also I'm not sure if we need to leave an expansion gap by adding some foam to the bottom edges of the walls.

    Photo of the floor and fabric attached.

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  2. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    Whats the point of the fabric I would have thought that this would have prevented floor adhesion which is what you want? Why not follow Mapei guidelines re preparation. Screenshot (678).png
  3. hughesjordan

    hughesjordan New Member

    Exactly what I'm worried about, I've watched a few videos and I haven't seen this before. I'm by no means knowledgable about any of this, however, I've asked a friend who works in construction and he seems to think that the builders approach would be okay as well. So I'm a bit anxious to go ahead at this stage!

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