Self Levelling Floor

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Self levelling floor

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  1. Mike Hounsome

    Mike Hounsome New Member

    Hi Guys

    Hope if you can help, im doing the prep to lay a floating laminate floor.

    Currently we have ceramic tiles layer directly on an old 70’s Parker floor.

    I have removed all the tiles with a hammer drill, cold chisel and lots of elbow grease.

    Next for the self leveling compound.


    1. Would I be better off lifting the Parker floor and self-levelling compound, only concern is the Bitchuem they used to glue down the Parker floor.

    2. Self-level ontop on the Parker floor before laying laminate


  2. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    If the ceramic tiles were in fair condition and stuck firm, you could have painted over with SBR (after cleaning) and poured SL compound over the lot - unless height would have been an issue ? (All academic now anyway) !

    Again, if Parker floor is stuck down firm, (and after smashing off tiles you will know the answer), sweep and paint over with SBR, pour SL

    If you do want to remove, again maybe due to height issues, then remove, no need to be concerned about bitumen residue, once again, SBR over, follow manufacturers recipe but likely 1sbr to 4 water, then pour SL - will stick lovely :)

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