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  1. TimberTim

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    I have a large kitchen with stone tiles as the flooring. I am having a new kitchen fitted but before that, I want to level the floor so that I can lay vinyl tiles throughout. Due to the size of the area i want to use self levelling compound over the tiles. I know i need to clean the tiles thoroughly first but what sort of primer do i need before i pour the levelling compound?
    Also, unfortunately the tiles don't go all the way to the walls as they were under kitchen units. How should i raise the level of this area so that it is level with the existing tiles? (The tile thickness is about 12mm.) Ply? Or use another compound for deeper areas?
    Any help would be gratefully received.
    Thanks. Tim
  2. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    What's the floor construction under the tiles - cement slab / suspended timber / other ? - This will determine what self leveller to use, ie, flexible or non flexible required

    Whatever brand you go with, they will recommend their own brand primer to be used in each situation and what substrate the SL Compound is going over, data sheets and all the info readily available

    So, if your using Mapei for instance (my own choice), the primer recommended for stone tiles would be Mapei Eco Prim T Plus (catchy name yeah !)

    As you've said, thoroughly clean tiles to remove grease and other contaminates, sweep and wash, allow to dry, ensure all tiles are fully bonded to floor and no 'rockers'

    For the height difference at edges, build up with ply, osb 3, etc but this needs to be securely screwed down to sub-floor (timber will be cheaper than additional SL Compound)

    Any gaps around edges, SL will drain away so plug gaps with decorators caulk, No Nails, etc

    I'm diy only so have self levelled over tiles just a few times. Always used Mapei SL but have always used Everbuild SBR as my primer (diluted). This was recommended to me by a pro floor layer who uses this all the time and is perfect for both stone and ceramic tiles, etc

    But ,,,,,,,, your choice of course :)
    In the meantime, look up Mapei products, all the info and data sheets you need online
    Wickes Self Leveller often mentioned on this forum but I've never used it

    Good luck with the project
  3. TimberTim

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    Thanks DIYDave,
    It is a concrete floor under the tiles. I have looked into Everbuikd SBR and that seems to be the one. I need to fill the kitchen unit gaps with OSB then fill any deeper gaps. Should hopefully go down nice.
    Thanks for the advice....nice to have someone reinforce what i was thinking.
  4. DIYDave.

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    So as you’ve got a concrete floor, you could consider Mapei Ultimate Leveller as you don’t need the flexible element

    It’s on offer at the moment from our hosts - 3 sacks for £24 - that’s rather good !

    Any signs of damp from the floor ?
  5. TimberTim

    TimberTim New Member

    No all dry.
    Where did you see that price?
  6. Dam0n

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    Are these original stone tiles?
  7. DIYDave.

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