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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Mr-Alive, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Mr-Alive

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    Hi I hope someone can help? Im looking for a service cabinets or electric meter cabinets or anything around the size of 400x400mm 150-200mm(D) metal or plastic is ok, does need a door or front plate which can be removed.

    I hope someone can help? I've been looking but no luck. It will be used to house electric sockets and junction boxes for internal use!

    Thanks Alot if you can help Andy :)
  2. ban-all-sheds

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    Is it going to be on show? - i.e. does it need to be aesthetically pleasing?

    Would whatever you are going to put in there be OK if they were just fixed to the wall, or will you need a minimum IP rating to met the regs? (not that I can tell you what the minimum is - probably 3# or 4# for indoors?)

    Does the door need to have a lock or a child-proof catch?

    Are there ventilation requirements?

    There are all sorts of requirements beyond size to consider. That size you quoted is similar to many bathroom or key cabinets - they might do the job if you want wood. (If you use metal, don't forget to earth it)

    e.g. from Ikea:


    TLC have a range:
    - not as large as you state, but perhaps you could replan?

    You might use something like this:


    but it's bloody expensive if all you want is a box....

    If you search for 'box' or 'cabinet' or 'enclosure' on the RS website ( you'll find loads, but when you look at the details of any of the wallboxes, you'll find a link to a comparison table which will let you pick material, sizes etc. This link to the table might work, but may not, if it's specific to my session:

    Again though, they aint cheap
  3. Mr-Alive

    Mr-Alive New Member

    Cheers mate all sorted now, TLC is one of the companies I often use!! I was on their web site and i missed the bit which had the boxes :( thanks again
  4. supersparky

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