Setting up software for Nest Gen 3.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by MGW, Jul 11, 2019.

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    The wiring of Nest is the easy bit, the connections are well labelled so not a problem. However once wired up I seem to be having problem after problem, once I find the cure, it seems easy, but it has so many options, all too easy to select the wrong one.

    First problem was no hot water control, seems I selected wrong boiler type, seems my boiler type is "Other" not very helpful, OK know what a Combi is, but system? Once got hot water to show, I set the schedule with PC, nothing, seems I had to enable schedule with the thermostat.

    Then found not following the set schedule, I set 7:00 am to 7:30 am every other day, so Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun however on Tuesday at 7:15 am realised the boiler was running, checked both PC and thermostat, both said boiler not running i.e. no orange anything, and the history showed nothing, switching off power to thermostat and boiler clearly stopped it running, and one could hear the relay click, turn back on, and to start with nothing, as expected, then click relay operated and boiler running again, tried all I could think to turn it off, but since software did not show it running, it would not turn off, finally after 8 am seemed to behave again.

    The help option on internet told me to turn off far reach and disable the DHW schedule, yes it stopped boiler coming on, both when it should not come on, and when it should come on.

    It does not help that one keeps ending up with Nest US help instead of UK even when very careful to select UK. But in the "Learn about domestic hot water" I found
    It would seem the default was still active, even though on the PC it said 7:00 am to 7:30 am on 4 of the 7 days, seems the heat link had failed to read this, and was heating as the default is set, which would explain why after 8 am it switched off.

    I have checked on the thermostat, and that now shows same schedule as the PC, but don't know if that was case on Tuesday when it last run when not scheduled to run.

    There are loads of U-tube videos, but in the main about US Nest not UK, so one starts to watch then find it's connected to a furnace not a boiler, and does not have a heat link.

    So is there any help pages on how to set up Nest where it actually uses proper UK English?
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    Can you explain what is your current problem

    I have not found any simple instructions, however suggest you

    Turn off auto learn function and set up a schedule for each day,

    A mistake I made was to set up as you do a on off, it maintains the temperature you enter until the next entry.
    Ie if you set.

    06:00 20 08 :00 15 16:00 20. 22:00 15. And the temperature drops to 14 overnight it kicks in etc.

    The heat link retains the schedule , so if your pc did not transfer any revisions it maintains what was last received.

    History is only updated each night, ie during day nothing is available.

    There are also settings which give a minimum temperature , ie a frost setting this can be set down to 4 etc but if it’s set high , it will cut in boiler even if schedule is nor requiring it to do so

    Make sure your thermostat is linking to the heat link, they do drop out , but should auto reset

    Once set up they are pretty good ,
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    Its all a ruse to get you spending, British Gas profits down? no problem just switch every ones boiler on whether they want it or not.
  4. MGW

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    Now that makes some sense, so likely it will not matter what is changed to try and correct a problem, it will result in the info being resent, so it will seem the change has cured the problem?

    I have heard it learns, but if it takes time to transfer info it will seem it has learnt.

    I thought British Gas used Hive not Nest? Did look at Hive, however it did not have volt free contacts, and the way I have it wired line in on N/O and N/C and line out to boiler from COM and you can't wire up that way with Hive.

    I am not sure how the TRV and the Nest connect? The phone app shows both Dashboard_small.jpg the Hallway entry with the 20 in a circle is the Nest thermostat shown on the Energenie software, I expected once linked I would get one schedule for all, but that has not happened, as yet not been cold enough to test, however easy enough to manually set to same schedule, odd but on PC Nest is not shown, it only comes up with phone app.

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